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Okay, now what?

The Delta World is a strange and wonderful place.. but it is full of problems that only your crew can solve. Adventures and Missions will be posted below:

The Strange Case of H.P. Lovecraft
Second Page...


By Theseus

Note to Guides:  The names of the Indian tribe/reservation and the town have been kept deliberately neutral so that you can put them in any locale that you need.  This adventure would also work well set in Canada.


On the small Indian reservation just north of town four young men (early twenties and late teens) were hanging out after work in the lumbermill.  Without warning the building collapsed, trapping them in the rubble.
And then a miracle happened.  Three of the men walked out of the building unharmed, and the fourth suffered only a broken leg.  The Awakenings were obvious.  The investigators on the scene ruled that the building had not been built to code, with several of the support beams and structure built with the cheapest (and completely inadequate) materials.
The young men decided on revenge.  They also went underground, none of them registering their powers.  The company that built the lumbermilll, Sawyer Industries., had been known for treating the Native Americans badly and could shortly feel the revenge.  Unfortunately the innocent people who work for them, their customers and anybody unlucky enough to be near their headquarters will feel the wrath as well.

A friend of the pcs, an investigator for the police, has heard rumors of the revenge plan but hasnít been able to confirm anything.  He has confirmed that at least two of the men have Awakened, and knows full well that even if he had proof he couldnít handle them on his own.  So it was either call in his friends (your lucky players) or call in the brutal Delta Prime squad that is stationed nearby.  He chose the more humane option.

The Plan of Revenge.

The four men have spent two weeks since the accident recovering and planning their revenge.  Theyíve decided that the nearby headquarters of the company is a very deserving target for the new bomb theyíve built.  The fact that itís in the middle of town hasnít bothered them.   All that matters is that the building around the companyís heads collapses just like the building that came down on the reservation.
One thing they have managed to keep a secret is that all four of them are now deltas.  They are Red Bear (Roger WhiteDeer), a Goliath.  NightBird (Tom Runningbear) is a Sneak.  QuickBolt (Jeffrey Thunder) is a Charger.  And then Richard HighFather is a MetaDelta.
Richard HighFather broke his leg in the lumbermill and has just got the cast off.  He still walks with a limp however.  Their plan is to strike in three days.  After the office is closed theyíll break in, with QuickBolt sending a charge through the doors to blow out the electronic locks, and Red Bear punching in the door.  Then they wreck the place, vandalizing and making it look as juvenile as they can.  But also theyíre going to put the bomb in the offices of the president, Roger Kyles.  It will go off at 10am the next morning.  The four men are not planning on calling in a threat.

Unfortunately they have gotten so caught up in their revenge scheme they havenít thought about what would happen next.  The cops and Delta Prime squads that would sweep through the reservation would do more harm then any of Sawyer Corp.ís plans.
Of course they do have some justification.  The company has been abusing the reservation for decades, and the experience of the Lumbermill falling down among their heads has had a very major influence.  Red Bear and Richard HighFather believe that the awakenings are mystical gifts that they should use in this fashion.

The Real Story

The corporation has been abusing the reservation for generations, and making a tidy profit.  But the lumber industry is on hard times and Roger Kyles was looking at going bankrupt.  So he paid for a nice new mill, with a tidy insurance policy on it.  When it collapsed he got not only the insurance money, but he has also filed suit against the construction company.  (the improper materials were setup by a hacking job done by a Roger Kyles employee).
He has heard the stories about the boys who were caught in the collapse and taken steps to get them out of the picture.  Kyles is not an evil man, and truly did not want anyone to be killed.  But business is business..and heís fighting for survival.
His first step was to assist the investigators as much as he could as far as the youths and the rumors.  This is how the PCís friend found out about this case.  He has also increased security at the building.  Four guards, each equipped with radios and high-powered pistols are positioned in the offices during the day.  During the night there are six hidden in the back offices.  (the four youths have no idea about these guards).  He also upgraded the security systems.  QuickBoltís attack canít knock out the system, even with HighFatherís help.
As soon as itís revealed that the youths are both after him and that theyíre all Deltas he will call in the Delta Prime squad nearby and let them do his dirty work for him.

Initial Investigations:

There are a variety of clues available to the PCs.  The village of the young men knows that their planning revenge, but most assume that things will blow over like they usually do.  Itís an open secret that theyíre Deltas and about the plans for revenge.
Questions will get very little information unless the pcs make successful Persuasion checks (Challenging, 10) they can find out the basic facts.  That the lumbermill collapsed, the boys were in there but survived, and that nobody has seen them in awhile but theyíre okay and very angry.
If any of the pcs get an additional two successes they find out the following things:  That one of the boys, Roger WhiteDeer, has grown huge.  Also as the lumbermill was being built there had been some confusion from the supplies that were used.
If anyone gets a fourth success they find out that they boys (except WhiteDeer) have been going into town several times over the last few days.  Theyíre still grim and revenge-bent but havenít done anything yet.

Sawyer Industries:  All theyíll get is a the official "Weíre deeply concerned about the welfare of the Village and the boys that were in the building.  Due to legal matters we cannot comment any more about this matter"  The secretaries will be polite but very stubborn about this.

Tom and Sons Construction: The construction company will talk after a Challenging (10) Persuasion roll.  They did receive unusual supplies for the job.  But it was attributed to a computer glitch, and thanks to the very stringent time schedule put on them by Sawyer Industries they didnít have time to properly test the new materials.  They will go into great detail about how much of a SOB Kyles is for suing them over this, as theyíve had terrible press plus a criminal investigation against them already.

Any relevant searches will find a few prominent articles about Sawyer Industries over the last year.  Itís stock has plummeted.  Also several articles about failures of itís various plants around the region show up with alarming regularity.
Also, the hacking job was not done very well.  A Difficult (15) Computing roll by someone snooping around the construction companies computers will discover that theyíre security has been breached.  The trail leads from the contracts part of the construction company to the IP address of the Sawyer Industries web site.  Nothing concrete, but very suspicious none-theless.

The Day of the Attack.

When the young men drive into town a few hours before sundown, they are noticed.  (Roger WhiteDeer hasnít been seen outside for a long time). One of the local women calls either the investigator or the pcs (depending on how good of an impression the pcs made).  She will warn them that "those damn fools have gone to start something".

The four men will hang out at the Leaf Café, waiting for the people to leave the Sawyer Industries building.  An alert PC in the area can easily spot their van in the parking lot.  NightBird is keeping watch in a nearby alley, keeping himself out of sight as much as he can.  Red Bear stays inside the van, while the other two are in the café patiently waiting.
If approached the men will try to be as quiet as possible, they donít want a fight now.  Instead theyíll try to lure the pcs near the van, where Red Bear should be able to take care of them. If the pcs insist on making pests of themselves in the café, QuickBolt will try to use his Goodnight trick them, as they walk out the door.  Seeing any of the members come out of the café, NightBird will join them.  None of them will use their powers overtly, except for Red Bear (who canít hide it anyways)  Although Bear wonít use his Rock Your World trick out in the open.
If they come out of the café or a fight brews then the security forces across the street will notice.  Theyíll signal a security alert to get all of the guards to the area, and puts in a call for Roger Kyles.
The sight of a bunch of armed guards coming out of the front doors should be very suspicious.  If given the chance the young deltas will stop fighting the PCs when they see the guards.  Keeping it from becoming a blood bath is another storyÖ (also the guards only know that Red Bear is a delta..they suspect QuickBolt might be a blaster, but havenít seen any proof yet)  The guards are under orders to get rid of the kids, but donít want to blow them away out in the open like instead theyíll be very rude and taunt them, and then open fire only after theyíve had the first attack against them.

Wrapping things up.

This is a tough one for the pcs to handle.  They  have a good five or six turns until the police turn up, and then another five turns before Delta Prime arrives in itís Armorgeddon suits.  Also the Primers in this area are known to be extremely brutal.

The one good way out would be for the pcs to convince Red Bear and the others to join the defiance, that way they can still work for the good guys, but manage to keep their village safe.  An email to Truth would be able to set them up with the Defiance in a few days.

Blowing Up Kylesís buildings might be a lot of fun but would only mean worse things for the area.  If the PCs have done any of the research, then they should have enough evidence to bring the law against Kyles.  (if the pcs havenít figured enough out their police agent friend will discover the hacking incident and provide them with the evidence)

Convincing the kids to go home is also a way out.  Kyles will still be paranoid and angry, but he wonít send assassins after them.  Heíll probably hope that Delta Prime will catch them.  If the PCs can get them to go home and then turns the law on Kyles then they will get the grudging friendship of the youths as well as the gratitude of the village.

Experience Points:

Each character gets one point at the end of the adventure.
Also give out one point to any player that uncovers an important clue or research.


Red Bear

Use the Goliath Archtype for the basic stats and powers of Red Bear.

Personality: Red Bear has always been the most macho of his friends.  Heís headstrong, and overly confident of his newfound abilities.  But deep inside heís a good person.  Heís just overwhelmed with everything thatís happened.


Use the Sneak Archtype for the basic stats for NightBird.

Personality:  NightBird was always the jerk.  Heís the youngest of the group, and was the person who really wanted to get revenge against Sawyer Industries.  Heíll be the hardest to convince to stop the revenge plan.  He tends to have a very sharp sense of humor, and enjoys making fun of people.  (he doesnít  make fun of Red Bear anymore tho..heís smarter then that).


Smarts: 2d6
Speed: 3d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 3d6
Size: 5

Lightning Blast
Immune to Lightning

First Move


QuickBolt is a weird guy, very hyper-active.  (and was before his awakening).  He tends to be impulsive and always goes for the easy and obvious ways out.  Currently heís torn about this revenge mission.  His girlfriend (whoís loyal but worries about him) has tried to get him to stop with the plan, but every time he tries NightBird or HighFather talk him back in.

Richard HighFather

Smarts: 3d6
Speed: 3d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 2d6
Size: 5

Enhance Powers
Dampen Powers

Null Field
Make an Impression
Best Friend

Richard has found religion after the Awakening, and has been the most influential in getting the revenge plans going.  He truly believes that the powers were gifts that should be used.  Of course, heís also young- and decided on revenge on impulse.  He could be talked into putting the gifts to other uses, assuming the other person is persuasive enough.
Richard is the leader of the group, but stays in the back. His limp hasnít fully gone away yet, and heís not sure about his fighting ability.

The Strange Case of H.P. Lovecraft

By Theseus


After WWI, while awakenings were starting to become more common.  A writer in Providence Rhode Island started to hear voices.  Lovecraft became one of the first bargainers.
He didnít train like the others of his type, instead he explored his powers on his own.  The creatures he delt with where far different then the ones seen by others.  They were more mysterious, and as it has since found out, that they were far more powerful.
In 1937,  his small home became a small battlefield.  Lovecraft was known to be in great pain from a creeping illness (intestinal cancer), and the doctors didnít have much hope.  Apparently he either tried to make one last bargain, or his demons came to claim him.  The only thing that is known is that the police who came first, and the Delta heroes who came later witnessed Lovecraft mystically battling several demons around his home.  The assembled heroes helped as best they could, with several being slain or driven insane because of it, but it was no use.
The last anyone saw of Lovecraft was him being dragged away by invisible demons, and the rest of the demonic forces fading from view.

The house still stands, but has never been occupied for long. Every person who has tried to live in it has moved out within months, claiming that itís haunted.

The problem is that recently there have been a strange number of kidnappings and assaults by unkown people in the neighborhood.  Itís apparent that theyíre deltas, judging from the damage that has been done in a few cases.  The only thing thatís certain is that rumors of strange noises and smells emanating from the house have increased drastically in recent weeksÖ


All of the heavily spiritual and magical deltas within the region have had disturbing visions.  This has gotten both the Covenent and the Bargainers interested in Providence.  The local Delta Prime squads have been alerted to the strange happenings and increased patrols.  And anywhere the Primers start snooping around the Defiance is soon following.

The visions all involve a young man being chased down a tunnel by monsters that are just out of site.  He flees, screaming into a small rock chamber where green arms slap manacles against his wrists.  (again, the actual faces of the creatures are obscuredÖ).  Then the scene fades and the dreamer sees a small house surrounded by thunderstorms.

The players have to first get to the former home of Lovecraft, get inside, and then discover who the man in the vision is.  This adventure is split into three parts, one for each step.

If the party is a group from the Covenant or Delta Prime then they are assigned to investigate the area, and if possible stop the attacks.  The Defiance has sent a team to investigate because of the visions.

Whatís really going on:

The battle back in 1937 was, indeed, won by Lovecraft.  As he was being pulled off he cast one last spell.  It caught the demons and pulled them back into their dimension with him.  But one creature, TenFallis, managed to send a small bit of its essence into the house.  That essence slowly grew in the house, and has just gained enough strength to start affecting the world outside of it.  Itís already taken over the local gang of toughs, the Street Lords, and used them to take over the neighborhood.
One bargainer that lived nearby (having moved their to study the haunted house heíd heard about) tried to fight the creature, and nearly won.  The visions that have been affecting so many deltas were actually mystic reflections of that battle.
The bargainer, Jeff Woods, was driven off by the possessed men of the area.  Heís hiding now in the sewers.  But he has a small pendant.  If the pendant is placed in the exact center of the basement (where the essence is actually living) then a portal will open, sucking the essence back to where it came.
Jeff didnít even get close to the basement, as the powered Street Lords caught him as he was just about to come in through a back window.  Jeff has a broken arm, a broken knee and a cracked rib, so he couldnít go back even if he wanted too.  Now he sits and prays that someone will be able to help.

Getting to the city is easy, although any travellers will notice a terrible thunderstorm that has moved into the area.  Great bolts of lightning keep criss-crossing the sky as thunder shakes the characters deep into their hearts.
Itís raining lightly as the characters approach the neighborhood.  The houses are completely dark, and half the streetlights are out.  If the characters knock on any of the doors there is no answer.

The neighborhood is full of white houses with small lawns and sidewalks all along the sides of the street.  There are several signs that something is very wrong.

Only one car is parked on the street, and anyone looking at it will notice that the front end has been smashed in.  Closer examination will reveal that it looks like a fist did this.

Several of the houses have broken doorlocks or windows, except for the one that resembles the house in the visions.  That one looks a little run-down (it needs roofwork and a new coat of paint) but otherwise is not damaged in any way.

A few blocks down the street one of the sewer grates has been torn open.  An Easy (5) Search roll reveals that there are a few drops of blood against the side. (The blood belongs to Jeff when he fled down here).  In the sewers there is a blood trail down to the junction where Jeff is hiding.

If the heros find the sewer grate or approach the undamaged house then the Street Lords come out to meet them.

The Street Lords

When the grate or the house are investigated then TenFallis sends out the gang members to take them captive.  At this point it only wants any Bargainers or Covenant members dead, and the rest captured.  He knows forces are gathering against him, and hopes to recruit the investigating Deltas into his army.
The Street Lords are twelve guys, three who are actually in the house, and nine in various areas around the neighborhood.

When they come out the party will find itself surrounded quickly.  They move in fast, but no surprise roll is need.  The controlled gang members attack with clubs and fists, although two of the gang members have Colt 2000.  They only use them if the PCs attempt to flee.
The gang members are all human except for their leader, Fist.  He is a Scrapper of minor skill.
An Easy (5) Scrutinize or Streetwise roll by the players well show that the gang members are acting very strangely.  They donít talk, and their movements are jerky.

Gang Members:

Smarts: 1d6 (alien mind control does that to youÖ)
Area Knowledge: 2,
Speed: 3d6:
Dodging 2, shooting 2, stealth 2
Spirit 3d6 (their free will is gone, but the alien spirit is inside them)
Perception 3, Scrutinize 4, Intimidation 2
Strength: 3d6
Fighting: Barehanded 2,, Throwing 1
Size: 5
Pace: 8
No Powers, Tricks or Delta Points


Use the Scrapper Archetype for Fist.  The only difference is that he doesnít have nunchuks.

The Sewer

Once the PCs go down into the sewers a fairly obvious trail of blood is still on the walls.  An Easy (5) Tracking roll reveals the person went to the north.  (Itís a simple tunnel, so he only had two ways to choose from anyways)  Two blocks down is a junction where Jeff has collapsed against the wall.  When the characters arrive he is breathing hard, grasping his knee.  Heís obviously been beaten, as he is ripped and covered in cuts and bruises.
He knows that TenFallis needs to be beaten, and that he canít do it.  So it will take only a little bit of persuasion to get the pendant.

Any PCs that treat his wounds gets a Delta point.

The House

The gang shouldnít be too much of a problem for the party.  What happens next depends on where the players go.  If they advance on the house then TenFallin will attack with his minor tentacles as they explore the house.  The problem is that without the pendant from Jeff they pcs will be unable to kill the main creature.

The house is a two story building, with a living room (thatís a complete mess), a kitchen (empty), a bathroom, and a small den. Stairs lead up and down.  The only important thing about the main floor is that this is where the Street Lords stay when theyíre not on the street.

Upstairs are two bedrooms and a storage room.  In the storage room are several texts that used to belong to Lovecraft.  A Bargainer would be willing to pay quite a bit for these, as they describe several of the creatures that Lovecraft had encountered.

Downstairs is where all the fun is.  Itís one large storage room with TenFallis at the bottom.
Along the stairs are four of itís lesser Tentacles.  Each of these things is a small glob of greenish slime with a large barbed tentacle from the middle of it. They have four small legs that can attach to anything.  If the PCs come down the stairs

Tentacles (minor)

Smarts: 1d6
Speed: 3d6
Dodging 3
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 3d6
Fighting: tenacle 3
Size: 3
Pace: 6
Powers: Tentacle strike, 3d6 damage able to do it once per turn.
Tricks: Entangle:  if the creature gets three successes on the attack then it wraps her up and begins to constrict.  It takes three Challenging (10) succes from the delta to break out of this.  Otherwise, itís 3d6 damage per round.  Of course an entangled delta canít use her arms or other devices.  Likewise, the Tentacle canít do anything else.

These are more of a warning sytem then a defense.  TenFallis is certain that he can handle anyone or anything. He also has four of his personal bodyguards down in the basement as well.  They are four statues heís magicked to move.
The bottom of the stairs lead to a classic magical design drawn in the floor.  (a circle in a pentagram..etc..).  TenFallis stands in the middle of it flanked by the four six foot tall stone men.  (they were statues of Roman gods, Mercury, Jupiter, Apollo and Mars).  As soon as TenFallis sees the pcs get past the minor tentacles heíll send in the statues.  If they fail, heíll take care of them himself.
The problem is that he cannot be killed in this Dimension.  He can be subdued, for awhile, but never beaten.  The only way to truly win is to get Jeffís pendent into the circle.  That will open the portal and suck TenFallis back to his own dimension.


Smarts 1d6
Speed: 2d6
Spirit: 1d6
Strength: 4d6
Fighting 1
Size: 6
Pace: 4

Powers:     Punch does 4d6+5 damage.
                 Armor 5/-


Smarts: 4d6
Academia: Occult 4
Scrutinize 2
Intimidation 2
Speed: 3d6
Spirit: 3d6
Strength: 4d6
Fighting: Barehanded 3

Powers:     Armor 8/-
                 Mind Control: If TenFallis can get a human alone for a period of 4 hours he can take over that human.  Itís a complete brainwashing, making the human subserviant to TenFallis, but also reducing his Smarts and Spirit to 1d6.
                 Multiple attacks:  TenFallis can make six attacks a round.  One for each arm.
                 Immortal:  In this dimension TenFallis cannot be killed.  He cannot take more then 4 wounds to any area.  If he takes a fourth wound to the head he  is dazed, (-5 on all rolls), but that is as close to being knocked out or killed as he can become.  He also gets a healing roll every ten minutes (game time).
At the Guides discretion certain magical or psychic attacks may damage him more, but that is decided on a case by case basis.  (and considering TenFallisís power itís highly unlikely at any rate)

TenFallis is a large orange and black creature, giant head with four legs and six tentacles for arms.  The head is six eyes and a gaping mouth.  When first seen he gets a free Intimidation roll against all the PCs.  He is never surprised.

The end of TenFallis

If the pendent is placed in the circle then it breaks TenFallisís tenous connection to this dimension.  A portal opens up sucking the creature back to his own plane.  If any of the Street Lords, Statues or minor Tentacles are still around then they fall lifeless at this point.  Only TenFallis is sucked through the portal, any other creatures nearby are unnaffected.
As the Deltas emerge from the house they will hear the sirens approaching, and may even see some Delta Prime helicopters on the way.  Nowís the chance to get away if they need too.

Experience Points:

Characters get One experience point for getting the Pendent.  Also the character that successfully throws the pendent into the circle gets another point.
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