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The Halls of Power (I.E. the big list of power-flingers)

This is a list of all Delta types that I’ve been able to find (archetypes, templates and packages).  Only the ones that have the stats placed are here.

I’ve included the name, the origin and a sentence or two about each.

Brave New World main book:

Bouncer  Agile and strong, your basic Daredevil or Spiderman
Bargainer  Magicians, dealers with demons.
Blaster  Able to fire blasts of energy
Flyer  Able to fly and glide among the clouds
Gadgeteer  An inventor, builder of amazing devices
Goliath  big and strong, your basic brick.
Gunner  An expert firearms marksman.  For those who want to play the gun-toters.
Healer  Magical healing.
Scrapper  Strength, speed and vicious hand to hand fighting ability.
Speedster   Super speed and reflexes

Ravaged Planet sourcebook

Covenant   Priests with various abilities
Defender  Force field projection
Genius  Very, very smart.  ~like the name implies~
Hot Shot  Fire-breathing humans
Screamer  Sonic attacks and abilities
Shrinker  Able to get real small and real tough
Sneak  Stealthy, silent and radar sense
Telekinetic  Mind over matter abilities
Tough   Almost impossible to hurt

Defiants sourcebook

Bomber  Able to blow themselves up ~and anybody nearby as well~
Changeling  Shapeshifters with mimic ability
Charmer  The ultimate persuader
Hacker  Computers and the net are their playground
Phaser  Can pass through solid objects: Shadowcat or Gray Ghost
Snuffer  Able to disable ~temporarily~ others powers

Delta Prime sourcebook

Booster  Able to improve other's powers
Charger An electrical blaster  ~zap!~
Copycat  Able to mimic any powers she sees
Hound  Can sense other deltas and track them down
Interrogator  Truth's particular package.  Able to tell whenever someone lies to them
Watcher  Visual powers, able to see far, through walls, into IR and UV...Superman's eyes without the muscles

Glory Days sourcebook

Ace The best driver or pilot around
Communicator Telepathy, and can mentally scream at opponents
Dessicator Can absorb water out of people
Dunemaster Sand control and desert survival
Freezer Can freeze things, people and survives in cold
Gasser Able to produce poisonous gas, very nasty breath.
Jungler Jungle survival, plant and animal control
Translator Code-breaker, knows every language
Werebear Can change into a bear or half-bear form. Very nasty...
Wereshark Can change into a shark or half-shark form. Also very nasty...

Crescent City sourcebook

Aquarian  Fish people, very good swimmers, water breathing
Lazarus Unable to die
Ratmaster Can talk to and control rats
Paralyzer Freezing people with a look
Stretch Shapechangers, Mr. Fantastic style
Timetripper Able to jump a few moments back in time. The Omega 13...~bonus points if you recognize that reference~

Evil Unlimited sourcebook

Doubler Able to produce another body (Duo-Damsel style)
Forger Able to make a copy of just about anything
Fortunate Able to make their own luck
Poisoner Immune to poison and can create their own
Smuggler Can hide things inside them and incredibly good at bluffing
Werewolf Can change into a wolf or half wolf. Very nasty...

Note: The following packages are on fan sites. They are unofficial and several have had "official" version come out in the sourcebooks. They are still useful for additional tricks, as well as a different look at powers.

Delta World website

Charger  Electrical abilites, blasting lightning
Beastmaster Empathic animal control
MetaDelta  Power over other’s powers
Lifter  Strength personified, but little else.
Enhancer  Weapon masters
CyberJacker Able to possess machines
Thermal Tempature controller
Berzerker Massive combat, if a bit insane.
Vapor Scents clouds and mists
Winged Flyer Just like it sounds...
Maverick A flying Blaster
Battery Able to absorb energy, to a point.
Luckmaster Very, very fortunate Deltas.
Absorber Able to absorb the properties of materials.
Stretch Flexible, stretchy and very hard to hurt.
Archer The ultimate master of the bow.
Cyborg Man and machine in one.
Inherited Can call on past lives for skill and advice.
Cyclone Air-control powers.

The Encaffeinated One website

Driver  The ultimate person to have behind the wheel of any vehicle
Elemental: Fire  Living being of fire
Elemental: Water  Living being of water
Elemental: Ice Living being of Ice
Blinker  Able to bounce temporarily into different dimensions
Preacher  Fire and brimstone priests
Charger  (the second delta named this…)  able to give items a bomb-like ability
Clinger  Able to climb anything, graceful and agile
Thrower  Can throw anything just about anywhere
Morpher  Shapechanger, impersonater
Pretender  hyper-intelligent and mimicry
Jacks/Jills  Macgyver like wisdom, plus an enhanced health
Tempust  Time manipulater
Broadcaster  Radio broadcasting, receiving powers
Morph  Teenagers who change into animals
Vampyre  Not as powerful as the ones from atlanta, but has most of the abilities.

Steve Crow’s BNW Page website

Medium  Able to truly talk with the dead, and gather some favors
Buzzsaw  For the more murderous players
Giant  Able to grow, gaining strength, armor and clumsiness.
Psychic Highly sensitive to emotions and spirits.
Charmer The supreme manipulator
Mimic Shape-changing impersonator
Beast Animalistic senses as well as nasty, nasty claws.
Spook An intimidater without peer. The Shadow knows...
Martial Artist Ultimate martial artist, with duties included.
Crusader Religious warrior.
Blinder Able to fire blinding light. Just don't call them "Flashers"...
Wyldthing Beasts, strong and powerful, scent trackers and plenty of fur.
Fugue Able to summon future selves to help.
Aquarian Fish people, can breath underwater, amazing swimmers.
Lazarus Resurrect themselves after dying.

BNW: New York website

Duplicator  Able to make copies of himself
Adrenalin Freak When they get angry they get big, fast and mean.
The Sentinal Tracking and heightened senses.

White Crow's BNW Page website

Absorber  Can absorb and redirect energy.
Archer Very accurate, very, very fast with the Bow and Arrow.
Borrower Can possess other living things
Broadcaster Living radio and transmitter.
Dazzler Can produce light in various ways. Lasers to strobe to illusions.
Martial Artist Incredibly agile and skilled hand to hand fighter.
Medusa Prehensile hair.
Nemesis Powers shift to cancel out an opponent's.

One Delta Primer's Page website

Reactor  Radioactive Blaster
NightOwl Can see in the dark and project darkness.

The Swordsmen website

Swordman  Highly skilled with the blade, sword powers.

Hero Headquarters website

Bruiser  Strong and tough and a powerful fighter
Claw  Sharp claws and the skills to use them
Expert  The best learner around, skills galore
Super Soldier  Perfect endurance, strength and metabolism
Telepath  Able to read thoughts and possibly even play with memories

Total Defiance website

Accelerator Can alter the kinetic energy of an object. Nasty thrown objects
Anteus Gains strength, toughness and immovability from the Earth
Avenger Finds and defeats evil, but can't harm the innocent
Beast  Scents and claws of the beast in the body of a man
Crucible Fire blaster
Earthmover  Can control the earth and dirt
Hyper Fast, athletic and energistic punches
Illusionist Can make people see things that aren't there.
Leapfrog  Super Jumper
Shifter  The ultimate shapeshifter and mimic
Spellbinder  Master of Chaos magic (Scarlet Witch type)
The Spike Nasty bone thorns around their skin, sharp and shootable.
Weather Witch Can control the wind, lightning and other weather effects

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