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Others that Share Your World

Here's a list of heroes, villains, teams and other annoyances that you can add to your campaign.

Emperor's Glory
The Witness

The EuroForce

 There has been a lot of talk about Europe forming up into one super political unit.  There was actually one step towards it.  During the Eighties the western European nations sent one Delta to form a core group of Deltas, seperate from the United Nations.
At first they performed well, gaining world-wide fame by acts like defeating the Alpha "Mordred" before he could destroy the Acropolis.  But soon politics took effect.  Charges were sent that they were favoring the UK and France over Italy and Spain.  Greece dropped out of the program entirely.   The team still had six members, and had at least the voice support of the public and the media. That didn't last long.
 They went into battle against a group of Russian deltas over the Albanian border.  Who crossed the line first is unknown, but the very public battle ended with three of the six EuroForce dead, and the triumphant Russians waving to all of the western TV crews that had gathered to record the fight.  Rumors abound that the fight had been set up, some even suggesting Euroforce had been drugged before hand.
 The media, of course, didn't believe any of it.  Images of Behemoth, the Italian Goliath, lying crumpled against a bus was on the front page of every newspaper in the western (and most of the eastern) hemisphere.
 After that all of the truly skilled Deltas, when needed, where sent to the United Nations team.  Only the UK still truly supports EuroForce.  The other countries use the assignment as a punishment.

 Currently there are five members.

 Restraint, from the UK.  A bouncer who uses various types of entangling weapons to restrain and capture his foes.  He is a survivor from the Albanian battle, and serves as team leader. Restraint is the UK's main propaganda tool for the no-guns policy.  He has scored success after success using bolos, ropes, nets and other devices in his battles.  Twice he has worked with UNDDO, but he prefers EuroForce where he can give the orders.

 Techhead, also from the UK.  The groups Gadgeteer.  Does not use a power suit, but has several tech devices in a helmet-vest-gauntlet combination.  He also has dozens of holsters, bags and pouches holding his gadgets.  His main focus is on computers.  The youngest of the group, he still struggle with inconfidence.

 Fuego del Sol, from Spain.  A basque delta, currently on "permanent" assignment to the group.  Once she was discovered to be a Blaster the spanish government has managed to keep her out of the country for four years so far. Fuego likes the team, and uses it to try and gain more support for her cause.  Easily the most outspoken of the group, and very political.  The Spanish government is hoping for a lucky accident to happen to her, as they fear if they just imprison or kill her then the basque rebels will retaliate as hard as they can inside the country.  But if she dies in the line of EuroForce's mission then Spain's hands are clean.

 Strength, the french addition to the team.  He is a Lifter, a Delta with an extremely powerful lifting and punching ability.  However, he has gained neither the speed of a Bouncer or the toughness of a Goliath.  He is smug, rash and foolhardy.

 Thunderclap, the german Screamer.  The only member older then Restraint, she is considered past her prime by the German government.  Even tho she's only forty, the government is concentrating on the next generation.  She is a highly competent and disciplined, but she has a major cynical side.


New! Check out Chill's Stats in the Winter in Caiman City Adventure
A group of delta villians working togethor as a team is a terrifying thing.  When that group works for the Mafia itís even worse.  Chill is a group that is called in by the Crescent City Dons when a defiant or rogue delta gets to be too big of a pain.
They are used rarely, and so far Delta Prime has been unable to catch them.  (of course they havenít tried very hard either).
They strike hard and fast, with Frostmist obscuring the area followed by lightning fast attacks from IceHawk and Snow Leapord.  Any serious resistance gets met by Slush and Iceblast.

Any time the PCs interfere and itís obvious the usual grunts arenít going to work..they might get a Chilly reception.  They are particularly well known for creating ice-boxes filled with water, and leaving their victims in them to drown.  (the ice cages created by Iceblast, then filled by Slush).  Of course, there are a few times when that Escape skill comes in handy.

The Villians:

IceHawk:  The leader of the group, a Flyer who wears razors on his wrists so that he can make fly-by attacks.  Heís very smart, and a skilled martial artist.  Unfortunately heís also a sadist and an egomaniac.

Slush:  Gadgeteer who created a power suit that had some unusual abilities.  Originially designed to be used in firefighting, but redesigned to match the teamís theme.  It boosts the users strength, has a fair amount of armor and also has two very powerful water jets.  The water comes out compressed, resembling slush. (hence the name).  The blasts do 5d6+5 damage  Slush is and always will be a bully. Heís balding, overweight and is really only friends to IceHawk.

Iceblast: An Ice Elementalist.  Considered truly insane by his coworkers, and known to be insane by the Deltas.  He joined Chill after the team had started to gain noteriety.  He fully believes that this team is the "hand of the Ice" and when he talks he constantly refers to how the "Ice" will take over the world again.  But he follows the orders of his team-mates and is too powerful to get rid of.

Frostmist:  A Delta with the ability to create a huge amount of mist in the air.  The air within 30 feet of him in all directions starts to release all of itís vapor into mist.  This lowers the tempature down to about 36 degrees Fahrenheit and lowers visibility to within a foot.  All of the Chill team have been trained to fight in these conditions.  Under stress Frostmist can decrease the tempature down to 10 degrees, causing everyone around him to make a stun check. (difficulty 10).  These intense cold fields only last one round.  The mist normally dissapates within three minutes, local weather permitting.
Frostmist is skinny and frail, but is an even greater sadist then Icehawk.  He sits back and listens to the pounding that his companions give in the mistclouds that he creates.

Snow Leopard:  A Bouncer who uses a fur/claw costume.  He is an exceptional fighter, and uses a costume that makes him immune to the Frostmistís clouds.  Heís also a trained blind-fighter.  His costumeís claws do 3d6+6.
Leopard, along with Slush and IceHawk, started this gang.   Of late he has been having second thoughts.  He loves the fights, and is very good at it.  But heís seen how bloodthirsty his former friends have gotten, and IceBlast scares him.  Of course with his reputation, there arenít any other areas for him to work.  Heís simply made too many enemies.  If someone were to offer him a believable way out, he would take it.

The Emperorís Glory

Occasionally Japan has to send out agents to make sure itís interests are secure.  The most public of these is a strike force known as the Emperorís Glory.  They are five highly skilled Deltas, sent on high publicity missions.
They are treated as aristocracy back home, and treat any foreigners like dirt.  While their arrogance has earned them a lot of hatred, it is backed up with a fearsome amount of capability.

The five members are Shinto, Blue Dragon, Ninja, Kamikaze and Samouri.  Shinto is the leader, having served in the Japanese version of Delta Prime for several years.  The group sometimes acts as bodyguards for Japanese ambassadors, and have engaged in fights near the UN compound on a few occasions.  (independently..Japan does not loan them to UNDDO for any reason).
In those fights they have always won.  They even managed to defeat an unusually bigoted Alpha that had just "happened" to escape while they were touring the United States.  (The Defiance has spread the rumors that the alpha was released in an attempt to embarrass the Japaneses team..but so far it hasnít be proven)

The Members:

Shinto (covenant asian style)
An aging Nobleman, Shinto is a priest.  He leads the group with an iron fist, and reports only to the Emperor.  He has all of the Covenant powers.  He keeps quiet most of the time, except when barking orders.  He keeps a personal code, and has no mercy to his enemies

Blue Dragon (Hot Shot)
The youngest of the group, Dragon just joined within the last year.  He has the most flamboyant costume, with lots of flash and dazzle.  He also tends to be the first to charge into combat.  He has both Burn, Baby, Burn and Flaming Hot tricks.  He is actually not as prejudiced as his team-mates; and is usually the teamís spokesperson with the media.

Ninja (Sneak)
A stunningly attractive woman, Ninja has been trained by the military for almost her entire life as both a theif and assassin.  She has skills in Espionage, Lockpicking, Acrobatics and is easily the best Martial artist of the group.  She always carries small hand to hand weapons and exotic equipment.

Kamikaze (Flyer)
Kamikaze is a solid member of the team, but he is also a show-off and a terrible flirt.  Unlike some fliers Kamikaze always floats an inch above the ground.  In combat he flies high, and then sweeps down once the enemy has been identified and engaged with the other team members.
Historical note:  Kamikaze took his name to honor his father, a flier during the second world war. He was the most decorated membor of the Flier/Bomber teams.

Samurai (Enhancer)
The last member of the team is Samurai, who uses a Katana that is over 200 years old.  He follows the old Bushido codes to a fault, including never striking first so that he doesnít lose any advantages.  Heís an older warrior, having served the Emperor even before the Alphas disappeared.  Samurai is the second in command after Shinto.   He is a reserved and stoic man, but has a terrible anger in battle.

The Witness

Jeremiah Holms is small unassuming man.  He was a monk in Italy, and a deeply devout and caring man.  One day he suffered a horrible burning pain in his chest.  It eventually went away, and Jeremiah went to sleep for the first time in five nights.
What he didnít know was that the pain had been a heart attack, and that he had awakened.  His dreams were filled with visions.  World leaders, fighters, peace-makers..all of the important things that were happening in the world also occurred in his visions.

Jeremiah began to write down these visions.  Eventually his abilities were discovered by his superiors, and what followed was a vicious power struggle over what to do with them.  He knew, deep down, that to give his sight and thoughts to an organization like that would be wrong.  So Jeremiah left.

He is now a monk in Northern Pennsylvania.  He lives at a small house on a small farm.  He works peacefully, writing down all of his visions faithfully.  He knows that he has been charged with an important mission from God, and that that mission also means non-interference.  However he still has a conscience.  SooÖhe gives some information away to those he feels deserve it.

What Mr. Holms has is a unique gift.  No other delta in the world has this power.  He sees important events as they happen.  He sees as deals are made and broken, there are no secrets to him.  He does not see the future however, only what is happening at that exact moment.  (kind of like a fly on the wall)  Also he only sees things on this planet, and not in the various other worlds.

He also seems to be protected.  He does not age.  Also any supernatural creature instinctively knows that he is not to be harmed.  They would defend themselves if physically attacked, but otherwise will not attack him.

Jeremiah is the witness for this Brave New World.

Game uses:

Jeremiah is a strict pacifist, and was before his awakening.  He knows that if he were to abuse his gift then it will be given to someone else.   However, he is also a good man, and hates to see people suffer.
He can be convinced to give pcs suggestions and information relating to people.  He wonít tell specific secrets but could tell the pcs things such as ďgo to the library in Algernon, OhioĒ  or inform them not to trust the young lady trying to contact them right now.
Also he is the witness for Humanity, and has no problem telling others about other-dimensional or off-world threats.

Basically Jeremiah is a good hook or mouthpiece for the Guide.  He can give adventure starts, as well as guiding the party when they make a wrong move.

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