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Schrodinger's Settings

This lists other settings for the BNW. Have fun!

Visit The World That's Not Alone...

The World thatís Worse...

By Theseus

The America that Deltas know today is not a land full of liberty, as everyday freedoms are stripped from those of us with special abilities, and the common masses allow Kennedy to make himself a modern day emperor.
But there are other worlds (as any Bargainer will tell you), and compared to them this one is a paradise.

There is a world where America is a harshly controlled and conquered country.  Where the Nazi swastika has been burned into the White House lawn.  It all came down to a what if... if the battle that had been the birth of Superior in our world came out differently.

On the other earth "Axis Earth" the delta known as Sparky was indeed defeated by Kapitan Krieg and tossed into the detention campís burner.  On our Earth Sparky emerged as Superior, the first Alpha.  Superior destroyed the camp, slew and ripped apart Krieg and then flew off to kill Hitler.  A few days later he forced the Emporer of Japan to surrender as well.  WWII ended and the Alphas had carried the day.

Axis Earth had a slightly different battle.  Superior was born from those fires and destroyed the camp.  Again he fought a quick battle against Krieg and defeated him.  But after smashing Krieg, Superior decided to fly off straight to Berlin instead of ripping him apart.  Krieg awoke a few minutes later with power he had never had.  The second Alpha, UberMan, had been born.

UberMan followed Superior to Berlin, where he was smashing his way into the bunker.  With a flying charge UberMan smashed Superior away and the two titans fought over the German capital.  Historians still debate which was truly the more powerful alpha.  (Although always saying UberMan was whenever the SS is near).  But it was a massive battle, and soon UberMan was joined by a dozen German Deltas and the Reichís human military forces.  Superior now faced dozens of enemies and could not have won.

Hitler himself was said to have witnessed the end as UberMan ripped Superior's head from his body.  The war did not last very long after that.

UberMan personally slew both Churchill and Stalin, effectively halting both countriesí war against Germany.  With America, however, they took a different strategy.  UberMan destroyed the US Navies and let the Japanese forces move in.  They quickly took over Midway and Hawaii.
The following months saw the axis powers running rampant over the world.  More alphas appeared, and they either swore allegiance to the Axis or were slain.  Hitler had learned not to try to imprison them anymore.  Nobody would ever get as close to him as Superior had.

Germany took over western Russia, leaving the rest for Japan.  Hitler also kept France and England as his own.  (Spain quickly become a state of his in fact if not in name).  America was invaded and conquered by Germany on the East coast, invaded by Japan on the west.  The Midwestern states have been declared a "neutral" area between the two countries, and has quickly become a no-manís land.  Germany has also conquered the north, including Canada and Alaska.
America's East Coast is under the control of Devastator, the second most powerful Alpha under the Fuhrer's control.  There is apparently some connection between the two, and it is known that there is something of a rivalry between the two.  Almost as if Devastator was trying to prove something to Uberman.

On the other hand, Japan has moved all over Asia and Australia.  They also moved quickly and took over the Panama canal.

Italy has been given the Middle East and Africa to be itís playground.

The Cold War

Japan and Germany were the winners, but soon each eyed the other and realized that the world was suddenly a very small place.  Each has an impressive collection of Alphas, and Japan announced that it had an Atom Bomb soon after the end of the world war.  Germanyís research had been put aside to work on Alphas.  The two were stalemated.

The Nazis have continued their death camps for political and "genetic" enemies of the state, while their work in science and occult have drawn up amazing discoveries.  Emperor Hirohito has made it clear that if the Nazis ever attack the Japanese Empire it will use itís vast Nuclear arsenal against him.  So for now the cold war continues on.

Italy has itís own ambitions, but has had far too many problems to be an effective tool.  Vichy France and Manchukuo (Japanese-controlled China) have been slowly trying to gain independence from their respective masters over the last forty years with little success.

Resistance Groups

Every occupied country has a resistance group in it somewhere.

The largest group is the Defiance, which has managed to set up communication between the largest groups in America, Canada, Britain and France.  Itís led by a delta called Patriot.  It fights an ongoing battle to remind people that the Axis yoke can be broken.

There is another American resistance group known as Devastation's End.  It is led by Lee Harvey Oswald, a delta who has quarreled with the Nazi Alpha known as Devastator more then once. It uses terrorist and guerrila tactics against the axis.  It has done massive damage to the enemy forces in Western states and tactics.  Of course itís methods tend to kill or wound a lot of innocents, and Oswald has managed to alienate his group from just about every other group that would have aided him.  The Defiance/ Devastation's End  fighting is almost as fierce as Japanese and German.

Oswald also has a bomb that he thinks could be used to kill UberMan and Devastator.  He hasnít used it so far, because he knows that the consequences might be worse then the current situation.

The UK has the Royalists, a large group of fighters working to free their country from the Nazi control.  Hitler has turned Britain into a police state, with massive amounts of SS and other security measures.  Still the Royalists leader, "Pendragon" has managed to elude capture.

Manchukuo has a massive resistance movements, the largest being the suppressed Communists.  Mao is their leader, and as far as anyone can tell he is actually human, (albeit very old).  This resistance movement has hampered the Japanese enough that the army has been forced to remain in the country at higher levels then anywhere else except the middle east.

Russia still fights to regain her freedom.  The Stalinists, a very popular group has been making life for the Nazis (and for bystanders) miserable in Moscow and the rest of the country.

Italy has the largest problems of any of the Axis powers.  The middle east, unlike the other countries, doesnít even pretend to go along with the occupation.  The Italian government posts are all fortresses, and still get damaged on a regular basis.  Resistance groups have to be trashed by UberMan about once a month just to keep the place flying the Italian flag.  In fact, it is probably only UberMan that is keeping the Italians there.  Every day more Italians die, and the civilian population at home are becoming more and more agitated about it.

There are a few other places of note:

Vatican City has very quietly authorized the Covenant to begin actively supporting the Defiance, Royalists and a few other of the larger resistance groups.  It does not like the way that the Axis powers are shaping up, and will soon be using everything it can to stop them.

The Swiss are still neutral and independent.  This has lead to an interesting immigration problem as Jews, Gypsies and others have tried to emigrate to the country to escape the harsh conditions in the rest of Europe.  The small country now has some of the most stringent immigration laws in the world, and itís still suffering from overpopulation.

Adventures from "our" world:

Using this setting can be fun in a couple of different ways.  One way would be to have the group get sent here accidently, and have them find out just how important Superior actually was.  And of course when the PCs begin to actively fight for more freedom, (or just search for a way home) they will quickly become one of the governmentís main concerns.

Or, a couple of refugees might escape from Axis world to ours.  Of course, the Axis arenít going to let that happen, and send in their own forces to capture them.  So the PCs not only have to stop them, but also make sure the enemy countries donít find out about this world without Alphas.  It might be too tempting a target for the third Reich.

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