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Power Packages

The number of types of Deltas is nearly infinate, which is what makes BNW system so interesting.  Here are a few power packages to spice up your game.

The Charger
The Beastmaster
The MetaDelta
The Lifter
The Enhancer
The CyberJacker
The Thermal
The Vapor
Winged Flyers


By Theseus

Some people have shocking personalities.  Chargers are a bit more shocking than the norm.
They are living electrical batteries, building up a charge and able to release it in a massive lightning blast.  Unlike the Blaster, the electricity doesn’t toughen the skin so they are more vulnerable then other deltas.  Their gifts, however, are a lot more versatile.


Lightning Blast:  The delta can fire bolts of lightnings from his fists.  The lightning blast is described on the table below.  The blast completely ignores all-metal armor.  Computers and other electronic targets take double damage from this attack.  (Power armor is considered to be shielded and only takes normal damage).

Immune to Electricity:  The hero takes no damage from lightning or other electrical attacks.


Conduit: The charger can fire his blast directly into any conductive material, causing it to flow in a line through the object and hit a target along it’s length.  This is commonly used on metal grates, railings or telephone lines.  The Delta must make an Easy (5) strength roll, for every success he can hit a target up to 1" along it’s length.  He can only hit one target of his choice.  If the hero fails the roll the blast damages the conduit instead of traveling through it.

Example:  A charger named Sparks has challenged a criminal with a hostage.  In order to avoid hitting the hostage Sparks fires her blast through the metal grate they’re all standing on.  Scoring two success Sparks’s blasts travel through the grate, under the hostage and into the criminal.  The criminal does a little dance and falls down unconscious.

Goodnight:  By touching someone the charger can stun them by sending a small jolt through them.  The blast is through skin-to-skin contact only.  The attack has a rating of Stun (10).

Lighting Blast:
Weapon Type Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage Cost
Lightning Blast Energy Unlimited 2 2 10 3d6+5 -


By Theseus

Some Deltas can fly like an eagle, or have the strength of a bear.  Others can have the real things by their side.
Beastmasters have a natural empathy with all natural animals.  They’re friends of them, and each helps the other.  Most Deltas become animal rights activists after developing them, and others start scouring the zoos for helpers in their crimes.  No matter what they do their lives are never the same.
To be honest, even for deltas, people who hoot and roar at animals are considered very weird.

Animal Empathy:  With an Easy (5) Spirit roll the hero can cause any animal (this is any non-sentient mammal, reptile or bird) to follow a simple suggestion.  This is telepathic, but the animal must be within sensing range of the Delta.  If the suggestion is against the animals wishes ("attack that robot" for example) then the difficulty goes up to 10.  To suggest something that the animal completely against the animals normal behavior (such as a guard dog attacking his master) then the difficulty is 15.  The suggestion holds until the task is completed or one round per success gained on the roll.

Beast Sense: The Delta can mentally sense any animals within a 10" radius from him.  The delta can also sense the true form of any animal he sees, (such as shapechanged Vampires).


Familiar:  The beastmaster can choose one specific animal, and bond with it telepathicly.  The animal gains a +1 to all smarts and spirits rolls.  Plus both animal and Delta know the general condition of the other instinctively.  (awake, hurt, fighting).  Also with an easy(5) spirit roll the Delta can look through the familiar’s eyes.  (or any other sense).  This is a disorientating effect, and while doing it the Delta cannot do any other actions.  The familiar always follows the empathic suggestions of the Beastmaster and is immune to the empathic suggestions of others.

If either member of the familiar link dies then the other one falls immediately into a coma.  The coma lasts until a Difficult (10) strength healing roll is made.  The roll can be attempted once every 24 hours.

To establish a familiar link the Beastmaster must spend twelve hours of constant contact with the animal, at the end of which he makes a difficult (10) spirit roll.  Success means the link is established, failure means he must try again.  Going bust means the beastmaster not only fails, but cannot try with that animal again.

Animal Speech: The Delta can imitate any animal speech that she has heard. Along with her natural emapthy the beastmaster can do simple communication with the animals.  Talking to animals is like talking to young children with limited vocabularies.  ("shiny man was here.   Smelled bad" etc..)  If the delta wants to make the sounds to fool other people or other animals, she gets Impersonate 3.  Depending on the sounds made the delta may also get a temporary Intimidation 3 skill as well.  Other beastmasters are never fooled by this.


By Theseus

In 1984 there were reports of an unusual band of Deltas, claiming to be Alphas the group showed powers that were more powerful then anyone in their class.  However, when a few of them were captured their powers were of the usual strength.
Subsequent security scans have revealed that with the group of "alphas" there was always a young man in the crowds nearby.  Delta Prime intelligence believes he was the one helping them.  At the next attack the Prime units neutralized the young man first, and witnessed the rest of the rebel deltas powers return to normal.

This is one of the few cases where a MetaDelta has been seen.  Their power is an influence on the powers of others, making them incredibly useful or dangerous to other Deltas.  It is believed that they are among the rarest of the delta types.  They tend to be very reclusive as both the Defiance and the Government hunt them for their abilities as soon as one is discovered.


Enhance Powers:  The MetaDelta can help other deltas that are within a 6" radius around him.  He puts out an invisible field that somehow boosts the powers of others.  All difficulty rolls on powers and tricks are lowered by one difficulty level, also any applicable damage dice are doubled.  This effect lasts for as long as the MetaDelta concentrates, upto one round per strength die.

Dampen Powers:  The Delta can also hinder deltas within 6" of him.  If he puts out a dampening field then all difficulty rolls for powers are increased by one level.  The number of dice available for rolling damage is cut in half (rounding up).  This field lasts for  as long as one round per die of strength and as long as the Delta is concentrating on it.


Null Field:  The Delta can create a field of blue energy, harmless except that anyone in it loses all of their delta abilities, including powers, tricks and delta points. The field extends from the delta in a radius of 4’.  It lasts as long as the delta concentrates on it, although each round he has to make a difficult (10) spirit roll to maintain it.  As soon as anyone in the field leaves it then the powers come flooding back.

Awaken:  One of the riskiest things that the MetaDelta can do is set off the awakening of someone else.  The Delta cannot sense who will become a delta, and who won’t.  He just has to choose correctly.
The Awakening consists of two hours of intense meditation from the MetaDelta while touching the other person.  It is an extremely painful process, and both partners are glowing while this happens.  (so don’t do it in the middle of the city’s square)
The MetaDelta must make a Difficult (15) Spirit roll, at which point all of the energy that has been built up is released, dealing 5D6 points of massive damage to both people.  If the other person has no potential then that’s it..time to take them to the hospital.  If the other person has potential, then he takes no damage, but falls unconscious for half an hour for every damage point he would have received.  There are no visible wounds, and when he wakes up the powers will be there.  (and hopefully someone took the MetaDelta too the hospital, because he takes the damage no matter what…)
Guides should be lenient on this…Awakenings are dangerous, but should not be fatal.  If  the damage total ends up being more then either party can handle then fudge it so that he just ends up spending a lot of time recuperating.
This power has no effect on Deltas.


By Theseus

Lifters are strength personified.  While several Deltas have gained strength as part of their powers, (Goliaths, Bouncers and Scrappers to name a few) the Lifter has had all of his power put into that one trait:  Strength.
Their muscles are bio-chemically different then other humans and even other Deltas.  When they flex they look human, but under the skin it’s a totally different system at work.
They also have reputation for being clumsy, as having such strength requires a lot of self-control or else they litter places with broken door-handles, smashed cups and other accidents.


Strength: The Delta gets a +5 on all strength rolls.  In addition, on strength rolls 4,5 and 6 are all open-ended.  (as opposed to just 6).

Biochemical differences:  The muscular system of a Lifter is biologically different then that of any other creature on Earth.  As such any poisons have a harder time affecting him (except for inhaled poisons, such as toxic gases).  Any time such a poison is applied the Guide makes a secret Strength roll (with open-ended numbers).  On an Amazing (20) success then the poison has no effect.  Powers that affect muscles have their difficulties increased by one level when used against a lifter.  (this does not affect power negation, such as at New Alcatraz or the field of a MetaDelta)
Unfortunately this different nature also affects healing.  The Guide makes the same roll for any medicines applied, and any healing powers also have their difficulties increased by one level.


Rock Your World:  The same trick as the Goliath has.

Orbit time:  The Lifter can throw things very, very well.  On a strength roll for every Challenging (10) success the Delta gets he can throw an item ( up to 70 pounds for every strength die he has) 2".  If the object (or unfortunate enemy)( hits something then they take the equivalent of falling damage)


By Theseus

Weapon-masters don’t even come close to describing some Deltas.  Their swords can slice through concrete and their maces can dent steel.  Some people assume that they’ve somehow found Excaliber or some other legend.  But they’re wrong.  The magic is not in the item, but in the person.
Enhancers can take a weapon and bond with it, using the item to focus their Delta abilities.  When they don’t have the weapon, then there abilities are sharply declined.  But when they do have it, then things start to happen.


An Enhancer must have a weapon that he has bonded with.  The bond takes an hour of concentration, plus a Challenging (10) Spirit roll.  If the roll is successful then the item is bonded to the hero, and the powers are activated whenever he holds the item.  If the roll fails, then the Delta must try again some other time.
The item must be in contact with the delta, gloves and light clothing are okay, but as soon as it’s left more then an inch away from the Enhancer then both weapon and Delta become normal again.
The item remains bonded with the Delta permanently.

Note: remember that as soon as the weapon leaves the Delta’s touch the power’s effects ends.  So archery, firearms and thrown weapons are pretty useless as choices.

Powers:  (only while the Delta and the weapon are in contact)
Armor 5

A +5 on the appropriate fighting skill.  (Blade, club, staff etc..)  The bonus is also applied to any damage the weapon does.

A weapon in the hands of an Enhancer can damage creatures that are only affected by holy or magical weapons.  Of course, just how much damage is done is up to the guide.  (at the very least it will cause some pain)


There are different tricks for different weapons.  Most Enhancers choose one weapon and try to specialize in that area.  Others choose as many as they can, to become a master of all trades.

Swords:  Ever since the legend of Excaliber swords have been one of the mainstay in legends and fantasy.  Whether the Delta is imitating the Samurai, the three Musketeers or Zorro, the sword tends to be the most popular choice.

Inspiration:  By brandishing the sword the Delta can inspire any allies to greater bravery.  Any character gets a +3 on the Bravery rolls for the next fight.

Bladed weapons (all)

Deflect Shots:  The Delta can use the blade to deflect thrown or shots at him.  This takes a Difficult (15) Speed roll.  No damage is done to the weapon if successful.  Also keep in mind the deflected object has to land somewhere.  If the hero gets three or more successes then he can choose where it goes, otherwise the Guide has to decide.

Slice and Dice:  The weapon can do massive damage in one slicing arc with a Difficult (15) Fighting roll.  For ever success the weapon can slice through one foot of material doing double damage Anyone hit by this  automatically takes an extra two wounds to that area.
The guide decides on a case by case basis as to how the material holds up.  (this is a good trick for slicing through wooden telephone poles..but terrible for cutting open re-enforced titanium walls)

Spinning Defense:  The delta can send his blade whirling around himself in a dizzying display.  This is a defensive move, and can be the only action performed.  As the delta swings the weapon around himself faster and faster, any attacker(s) have to make attacks at a +2 on their target number.  If they fail to hit then the blade successfully knocked the attack aside.  Notice that large objects, or heavily armored may not be affected by this defense, decided by the Guide.  (in other words this won’t stop the bus that just got thrown at you)  A Delta can keep this defense up for one round per die of Stamina he has.  After that it’s just too tiring to keep going and he has to stop for a round.  (he can do other things without penalty)

Blunt Weapons (Maces, Clubs)

Deflect:  Just like the Blade Trick

Smash It!  The Delta can cause shockwaves from the force of his strike, treat this like Goliath trick "Rock Your World"


Spinning Defense: Just like the Blade Trick

Jumping Jack:  The staff can be used for pole-vaulting over larger then normal distances.  For the purpose of the jump the Delta gains Acrobatics 3.  For every success gained on a Challenging Speed roll (10), the hero can pole vault 2".

Ropes, Chains (entangling weapons)

Entangle, Skilled.  With this trick the Delta can use the normal Entangle trick, but with an extra success he can choose whatever limb (including head or neck) that he wants to entangle.  If he chooses the neck, then he can immediately strangle the other person at Strength damage per round.  (assuming the other person doesn’t get free somehow).

Catch a lift:  The Delta can whip the weapon around any small object, such as a rail or wire and get it to hold.  This is an effective way to create a temporary swing.  The weapon will stay wrapped around the object for one round per success on a Fighting roll.  (Challenging difficulty 10).

Shields  (a classic choice)

Deflect:  Just like the Blade Trick.

Shield Charge:  The Delta can charge with his shield up in front, adding an extra amount to the damage inflicted.  The damage bonus is +2 per full inch moved, up to a maximum of +16.


By Theseus

Having a ghost in the machine can sometimes be taken literally, at least when these Deltas are around.  They have the ability to temporarily possess machines.
And if you piss them off they can make HAL look like your best friend.


Electronic Possession:.  The Delta can enter any electronic device and take it over.  The process takes one round of concentration while she is touching the electronics, after that the body disapears and the delta’s spirit awakens in the machine.  CyberJackers can only possess electronics, not organic systems or purely mechanical devices.
The Delta has total control of the machine, and can activate or deactivate any of it’s functions.  The Delta can also do things like read the memory or files, even if they are encrypted.

Unfortunately there are quite a few limits to this power.  The delta is limited to the original device, she can’t modem or send herself over any communication lines.
Also the presence of the spirit in the machine is very disruptive.  It’s like a sustained power surge, doing one wound to the machine per round of possession.  If the device is destroyed (or turned off/blacked out) then the Delta is expelled violently, appearing in the flesh beside the machine and taking one wound to each area.


Hide the Mind:  The Delta can hide her thoughts in the electronics she’s possessing, with a Challenging (10) Spirit roll any psychic or empathic attempts to find her fail.

Coaxing the Gadget: With a Challenging (10) Smarts roll the CyberJacker can get a Gadget to continue working even if it’s broken down.  (electronic Gadgets only)  The machine will work as long as it’s possessed, as long as the initial roll was successful.  After the Delta leaves the machine, however, it breaks down again immediately.  Plus it takes the usual amount of damage for possession as any other machine would.


By Theseus

The speed of the molecules in any object is very important…it’s what we call tempature.  A few Deltas exist that can mentally adjust those speeds, turning a cold winter night into a pleasantly warm evening or making a pot of water boil just by looking at it.


Tempature Control:  The Delta can adjust any object or general area within her line of sight.  On a Challenging (10) Spirit roll the tempature of the object or area moves 10 degrees up or down. (player’s choice) the character can adjust it another 10 degrees for every extra success, up to a maximum of 60 degrees.  Note that if this is used on anything organic then it can cause some severe burns or frostbite. (2d6 damage)
Other effects may include causing metal to become more brittle, freezing over the tops of small bodies of water, or inducing heat exhaustion.
Any tempature changes return to normal the round after the Thermal stops concentrating on it.

Heat/Cold Immunity:  Thermals can not be burned or frozen, and take no damage from attacks of that kind.


Tempature Distortion:  By switching back and forth on the heating and chilling of an object the Thermal can do more damage then usual.  This takes a Difficult (15) Spirit roll for every round.  If it succeeds the amount of damage done increases by one die (3d6, 4d6, etc.).  If the Thermal does not make the roll then the damage drops back down to 2d6.

Hazy Summer: The Thermal sends out the heat in a small wave through a section of air within sight, causing it to ripple due to heat distortion.  Besides obscuring any views through it, the distortion wrecks havoc on Lasers and any other light projection (including flashlights)  Area of Effect, Damage and any other traits from equipment or weapons of that nature are cut in half (round up).
Also any ranged attacks through the distortion have a +1 modifier to their TN.  The distortion lasts for two rounds, although weather  conditions my alter that. (it last a lot longer in a baking desert then in a Minnesota winter)



by Theseus

There are a few Deltas that even Scrappers fear to fight.  They are very few..but they are there.  One of them are the dreaded madmen known as Berserkers, after the old European warriors who would lose themselves into battle.
Although they are powerful, Berserkers are not wanted in most groups.  They cannot be controlled by their leaders, nor trusted by their team-mates.  Also, in their rage they can be easily tricked by their enemies.

Still…very few can stand battle against them.


Strength +3

Armor: 3/-

Rage:  In times of battle the Rage may take over in the Berserker.  Any time he takes a hit or hits an enemy in battle (accidently getting bumped into isn’t enough to do it) then the player has a choice.  He can make a Difficult (20) Spirit roll to try and stop it, or give in.  When he gives in he MUST attack any enemies he sees.  Not only that, but the berserker must attack in the most direct, aggressive way possible.  (ie. fists more often the not)
He still has enough control to decide between multiple targets, but as long as one is in sight the battle is not over.  He will continue to fight until all of the enemies are unconscious or dead.  (this may cause a problem when they’re fighting Toughs).   A berserker has to be physically pulled away from a battle.
In the Rage if all of the enemies are defeated then the berseker has to make a Difficult (20) Spirit roll to avoid going after the next nearest person (friend, innocent bystander..doesn’t matter).  Each round after the last enemy is down or out of sight the roll can be made again with one step easier on the roll.  (round 1 it’s 20, then 15, then 10 etc..)
Once the Rage is over the Berzerker becomes very tired can only do minimal actions for two rounds for ever round he was Raging.  (think of it like being out of Wind in Deadlands).  Also memory is hazy for that time period.  Treat it as Absent-Minded if trying to remember anything specific during the fight.

The Rage does have some benefits however.  They take no penalties from wounds until the limb is pulped!  (when they come out of the rage they’re definitely going to feel it).  They can ignore the Useless result until they come out of the fight.  Heads are different however, and they are knocked unconscious if it is knocked to Useless.
Also,  the Berserker gains a +5 to Stun checks and any drug/poisons while raging.


Inner Center:  When you can set off a volcano inside during a fight, sometimes other things that annoy you just don’t matter as much.  In a non-combat setting any attempts to taunt or intimidate has an extra difficulty added to it.  The berserker simply knows that he is a lot tougher then the other guy.

Aura of Anger:  On the other hand, sometimes you want to give just a little bit of the fury out for someone to see. With this trick the Berserker can add +10 to any Intimidation rolls.  The Berserker has to be able to really get in the other person’s face and act menacing.  (excellent role-playing possibility)



Some Deltas, despite their abilities, just get no respect.  The Vapor is the current "Rodney Dangerfield" of Deltas…they have the ability to emit gasses.  This leads to no end of jokes and insults from others.
Despite the lack of respect, Vapors have a powerful and diverse gift.


Gas Creation: Vapors have a network of pores over their body (which can be easily found by a medical examination, but are not easily seen to casual glances) which can produce a strange from of hydrogen.  The gas is completely non-reactive (basically a "noble" gas).  It is non-flammable and does not invoke any known medical responses.
The Vapor completely controls what color it comes out as, as well as the smell.  If he wanted to make a pink cloud that smelled like French perfume, or a brown cloud that smells like rotten eggs then it’s within his powers.  One particularly nasty trick is to make a cloud that smells like natural gas, then watch as everyone flees the gas leak.
The cloud dissipates within ten minutes of it’s generation.
The Vapor can produce enough gas to fill an area five feet in diameter per round.  He can also "shoot" the vapor from his hands forward 10’.   The gas will continue going forward or outward at a speed of 1" (game inches) after that.


Lingering Scent: The Vapor can touch something and "infuse" it with a scent.  The scent will stick to the person or object for one hour per success on an Easy (5)  Spirit roll.  Extensive cleaning will not remove the smell, (not even tomato juice), but it can be masked by other strong scents. (like bathing in cheap perfume)

Bubble:  If the Delta tries to generate under water usually it only produce a lot of little bubbles.  But some have learned to generate slowly and create one large bubble around them.  This bubble is buoyant and will take them to the surface.  The air is not oxygen, however, and the Vapor still needs to get out of the water to breath.  (also when the bubble gets to the surface it pops)  The Vapor cannot control the movement of the bubble, it only goes up.  It may be affected by currents, however.


Winged Flyer

Flyers like to compare themselves to gods, but there are some who are more like Angels.  Able to fly like birds, and have the large white wings to help them.
They are very similar to Flyers in their abilities, but besides the obvious differences there are a few things to note..
They aren’t as fast as Flyers, but have more control.  Also the Wings (usual Wingspan is 6’) look frail, but are just as tough as the rest of them.


Armor 3/- (always on, the bird-boys are naturally tough)
Flight:  They can fly with a Pace of 40
Acrobatics:  Winged Flyers get one level of Flying for free.

With a six foot wingspan, nobody is going to mistake them for humans.  They get Obvious 5.


Swoop!  The Flyer can angle downwards and increase his pace to 50’, however, she is also headed towards the ground at almost the same pace.  (roughly 30’, but it is the Guide’s call)

Wing Buffet:  The wings on these deltas are almost as strong as they’re arms and can be used to hit somebody with them.  The attack is treated just like punch, with STR as damage.  The attack roll is one level higher in difficulty as this is an unusual action.&n
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