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Power Packages  (Page 2)

The number of types of Deltas is nearly infinate, which is what makes BNW system so interesting.  Here are a few more power packages to spice up your game.

The Maverick
The Battery
The Luckmaster
The Absorber
The Stretch
The Archer
The Cyborg


A Parable:
One day God was handing out pies.  These pies were Delta pies, very special.  There were Blaster pies, and Flier pies and even Tough pies.  Each new delta took a pie and was happy.  Until one delta walked up and just couldn’t resist being a jokester.  He put each of his fingers in a different pie.  He looked up expecting a laugh and a reproachful comment from his lord.
Much to his surprise God did laugh, and then he said “Done.”

Mavericks are deltas that seem to do just about everything you could want.  They can shoot beams out of their hands (weak ones), they can fly (technically), and they are stronger and tougher then your average man. (just don’t compare them to closely to an Olympic Athlete).  They have gained a little bit of several abilities, but truly do not master any of them.


Armor: 2/-

Strength +1

Flight: can fly at Pace of 20

Plasma Blast:
Weapon Type Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage Cost
Energy Energy Unlimited 3 2 10 2d6 -


I’m a Blaster!:  If the Maverick makes a Challenging (10) Spirit roll then he can fire a superblast that does 4d6+5 damage.  He can only do this once per round.

I’m a Flier!:  If the Maverick makes a Challenging (10) Spirit roll then he can fly at Pace of 40 for one round.

I’m a Tough!:  If the Maverick makes a Challenging (10) Spirit roll then his Armor becomes Armor: 10 for one round.  This takes considerable concentration, and can only do basic actions while doing this (running, walking, sitting)


Some deltas can create energy, others can ignore it.  The Battery is gifted, or perhaps cursed, with the ability to absorb energy.  Any energy directed against the Battery is absorbed into him, without any harm.  Although extreme amounts of energy will cause an overload.  The Battery can wander through a lightning storm and barely manage a glow.
Not only can they take direct hits, but they can also draw in energy nearby if they so wish.


Energy Absorption:  Any energy that is directed at the Battery is absorbed.  No damage is done to the person, although clothing and equipment may be damaged.  This applies to any plasma, laser, lightning, fire and any other forms of violent energy.  Kinetic energy can not be affected, nor does it affect force fields (normally…see below).  Basic Sunlight is unaffected as well.  They cannot create darkness, nor turn invisible.
Nullification fields are also unaffected, as the Battery loses the power as soon as he tries to absorb it.  (any withheld energy is considered to be ~in stasis~ if the power is nullified.  As soon as the power comes back, the stored energy is back as well)

The Delta can also draw any energy within 20’.  This takes an Easy (5) Spirit roll.  While the Battery concentrates any free energy within that area, except sunlight, is absorbed into the Battery.  Any lightning bolts, Delta blasts or laser beams automatically fly into the Delta.

The Down side: The energy doesn’t just go in to the Battery and disappear.  It is slowly dissolved.  And the Battery can be overloaded.  The player must record every point of damage the absorbed energy would have inflicted.  Five points of energy are dissolved every hour. Whenever the Battery has stored up energy the following effects occur:

0-50 points:  No noticeable effects.
51-100 points:  The Battery has a slight reddish glow to his eyes, only visible in low light.
101-150 points:  A slight glow of the skin, the eyes now glow white.  The Battery now has the Obvious quirk.
151-200 points: The skin is now glowing a bright white, the eyes are two red fireballs.  His skin now gives off intense heat.
201-250:  The skin now looks like it’s on fire.  Plasmatic fires run across his body.  The eyes are no longer visible.  Anything flammable touching his skin will combust.
251:  Boom!  All of the energy gets released in a fireball.  The Battery is stunned by this and takes two wound levels to each location.  When he wakes up, the energy counter is back to 0.  Everything and Everybody within 50’ of the Battery takes 250 points of massive damage.  Consider this fire for purposes of immunity.


Shut down the machine: By placing his hands on a machine, the battery can absorb the electricity directly out any machine.  The machine suffers a massive power drain, obviously, and shuts down.  The Battery absorbs 5 points per round (the Guide may increase or decrease this for unusual circumstances)

Open Sesame:  Absorbing energy out of force fields is tricky, but it can be done.  The Battery has to touch the field and concentrate.   Machine generated fields automatically fail.  Delta created fields are tougher.  Both the Battery and the other Delta have to make Challenging (10) Strength rolls.  If the Battery wins then the field goes down.  If the shield maker wins then the field stays up for another round.  Ties always go to the other Delta.  Absorbing a field gives the Battery 10 energy points.



There are some people who apparently were born with a four leaf clover in their DNA.  Everything seems to go right for them, and everything goes wrong for their enemies.


Just Lucky:  Luckmasters get a +1 on every roll they make.  In addition, the bonus is a +2 on Gambling, Scrounging and Search rolls.

Enemy’s Luck:   Each and every time someone attempts to directly attack the Luckmaster, then he must make an Easy (5) Spirit roll.  If he makes it, then nothing happens.  But if he fails, then the attack fails somehow.  Guns jam, feet trip..something small that delays the enemy for that round.  If he botches the roll then something more serious happens…guns blow up or backfire, airplane parts fall from the sky..whatever it is causes serious harm to the enemy, taking him out of that combat round.

They get the Lucky trick for free.  This does not count towards the positive quirk point limit.


Just a Hunch:  If faced with a serious decision the Luckmaster can ask the guide a question…basicly a “do I choose A or B?”  The guide then responds with which choice “feels” right to the character.  This can be done only once per adventure.  Note that the guide only gives a “feeling” about decision, and does not give any specific information.

Make It Look Easy:  Just like the Bargainer trick.



Skin is a terribly soft and easily wounded thing.  There are a few deltas who can get around this.  Absorbers can take the strengths of the elements around them, and make them their own.


Absorption:   Anything an Absorber touches, he can take on some of the traits of it.  Only his skin and muscles are toughened.  The skin color turns closer to the substance and grows of equal toughness.  The muscles grow stronger.
Unfortunately the Absorber also loses some dexterity, and grows heavier.   To activate the power the delta must be touching the material and make an Easy (5) spirit roll.  It takes one action to do this.
Some exact items, and their effects,  are shown below:
Material   Armor   Strength  Pace  Initiative Penalty
Wood    2/-   +1  -1
Stone, Concrete 4/- +3  -2 -2
Iron, Steel 6/-  +6 -4  -3
Titanium  8/-  +4  -6 -4
Diamond  10/-  +2 -4  -3
The absorption lasts for one round for every die of stamina the Absorber has.  The Absorber can cancel the power at any point.  When active the Absorber has the Obvious Quirk.


Fast Absorb:  The Absorber can make a Challenging (15) Speed roll in attempt to gain the armor of something as it hits him.  Doesn’t work well against flesh, but if it’s a metal or solid weapon (including bullets) then if successful the Absorber has gained the qualities of the material before it did any damage.  Count the necessary armor while figure damage.

Pillar of Strength:  By absorbing part of the ground below him, the Absorber can link himself to an area.  He cannot be knocked back or moved until stunned or the legs are rendered useless.  The absorber can do this for one round for every die of Stamina he has.


By Rob Bemi

This delta is the equivalent to living silly putty. He can "stretch" any
limb, torso, or neck. The hero can also squeeze through almost any opening.
The Hero can bend these bend limbs like wet clay, or hold them stiff at will.

    Armor: 10/- armor to non-energy attacks.

    Elongation: By spending actions roll and make an easy (5) Spirit roll.
Each success allows the hero to lengthen a single section of his body 2" (4
yards).  With this power a hero can manipulate objects or attack opponents in
close combat, within hi. The delta can also "stretch" his legs to step over
obstacles. Adds +5 to the Spirit roll difficulty, If she chooses to stretch
an additional section of his body at the same time.

    Polymorphic: The hero can reshape his body at will.  Allowing the Stretch
bend out of danger or squeeze threw small spaces.  He can add +5 to any dodge
or escape roll.  He needs to make a flat Spirit roll to squeeze threw a
constricted space.  The difficulty is up to the judge.  Though a getting
between a set of bars 6 I-inches apart should be an Easy (5) roll.  On the
other hand squeezing threw the 1-inch whole in a 5-foot thick wall should be
a phenomenal (30) roll.

    Long Reach: With an extra success on his elongation roll, a Stretch can
add +1" to his reach for the rest of the round.  The Limb shortens back to
back to his normal reach (2") at the end of the turn.

    Wrap it up: If the hero rolls an extra success on close attack or dodge
roll.  The Stretch wraps his body and/or arms around his opponent.  This
immobilizes the victim and lets the hero put the squeeze on him.  The hero
can do his roll his Strength in massive Damage on each of his following
actions.  To get away, the foe has to beat the hero on an opposed close
combat roll, which he can try on his own actions.  Otherwise, the hero can
keep up the pressure until she he lets go.


A variation of the Gunner template, these deltas can hit anything or anywhere with a bow and arrow.  They tend to be highly athletic, doing acrobatics and martial arts to improve their abilities.
Also, many Archers team up with Gadgeteers to get gadget arrowheads.  The Covenant has also used Archers to fire blessed arrows.


Master Shots:  These deltas get a +5 on all Archery skill rolls.

Bowyer/Fletcher:  Archers are natural Bow and arrow makers, and can make these within a few hours with the right materials.  They can also evaluate the craftsmanship of equipment and determine their usefulness.

Barrage:  With a Challenging (10) Speed roll the Archer can add one to the Rate of fire for his bow for every success.  Up to 5 extra shots may be added.  Each of these extra shots has a cumulative –1 to hit however.  (first shot is –1, second is –2, etc.)


Dodge and shoot:  The Archer can do drop and roll style dodge and still come up with a shot already fired.  The Archer declares this action as her attack, and can do the shot normally (Speed Shots cannot be used however).  The Archer then makes a Challenging (10) Dodge roll. If successful any attacks that round directed at the Archer have a –2 to their rolls.

Pierce Armor:  Same as the Gunner trick.


During the late seventies and early eighties Science and Gadgeteers knowledge had progressed to the point where serious applications of cybertechnology could be produced.  Both the US and USSR worked on it, along with a few other minor countries.  (it is believed the Jade Man in China is actually a cyborg under extensive disguise).
The problem is that the human body simply cannot handle such an intrusive surgery and support the electronics.  Most of the people who went under the surgery died.
Only those who Awakened at exactly the right time during the surgery would become Cyborgs.  The rest perished.  This involved the loss of 98 of 100 volunteers during one US experiment.
Today there are three known Cyborgs in the US.  One is a member of JFK’s personal bodyguard.  Another has become a prominent member of the Boston Defiance.  The third is actually an Alpha level Cyborg currently serving life in New Alcatraz for attempting to destroy MIT  (and succeeded with almost a third of the campus)

Being a Cyborg is not fun.  The implants are large and ugly (Obvious 5, free of charge), you never pass for human.  Maintenance by a Gadgeteer is required once a month, so they are always dependent on someone else.  And there is a certain detachment that Cyborgs develop, which comes from having unfeeling steel instead of the warm skin they used to have.
Also..the process is irreversible.

Even with all of that, there are still plenty of people who would volunteer for such surgery, or pay to have someone else operated on.

Cybernetic Implantation:  The Delta can survive major bionic surgery.  Not only can Gadgets be placed in him, but the Gadgets require considerably less maintenance.
The Cyborg has to spend about half an hour of maintenance a day, plus a Gadgeteer has to do maintenance once a month (this procedure takes a few hours).  If these maintenance  tasks are performed the machinery has no chance of breaking down.
If the tasks are not preformed, then roll for breakdown as usual.  This means each trick has to be rolled for.  The cyborg cannot die from this, but could lose every ability except basic life functions and mobility.

Mechanical Healing:  Any gadgets that are attached to the Cyborg heal at the rate of one wound level every 72 hours.  No healing roll is required.  (note that Gadgeteers may also attempt to repair them normally.)

Each of the following Gadgets costs one Trick.  In addition a gadget may be taken along with one of the Quirks listed below.  These do not count towards the total of Tricks nor do they count towards Quirk points/limits.

Bionic Legs:  The legs are mechanical.  Pace is increased to 20.  The legs have Armor 10/-.  The Cyborg also gains the SuperLeap trick.

Bionic Arm:  One arm has been replaced by it’s mechanical equivalent.  It is fully functional and has a fully functional five fingered hand.  That arm has a strength of 5d6+4.  It also has Armor 10/-.

Sensor Pack:  A sensor pack has been implanted into your chest.  It includes Radar, Sonar, IR and UV sensors.  Each has a range of  30’.  A small radio-like antenna comes out of the upper left shoulder.  Otherwise the sensors are hidden just underneath the skin.

Full Armor:  90% of the Delta’s body is covered in armor.  Armor is 10/- to all hit locations.  Only things not covered are the mouth.  (note that the armor plating can be removed from the face, hands and..ahem..private areas as needed).

Grapple:   A grappling hook and wire is planted into the arm.  The Cyborg automatically gets the Entangle Trick.  The hook can be used for climbing, to stop a fall, or fired at someone with an entangle attack.  The wire is made of a synthetic mesh that is extremely strong and non-conductive.  An Amazing (20) Strength roll is required to break it.  There is 40’ of wire coiled up inside the arm and chest.

Computer Remote:  The Cyborg has an implanted computer that includes remote access gear.  Any computer system with a wireless or phone modem connection can be accessed by the delta.  He does not gain any special code-breaking or hacking abilities however, and still has to provide his own security clearances.  (note that if the delta has his own Hacking skill then he may use that without penalty)

Weapon Arm:  The lower arm is now equipped with a weapon system.  The exact stats vary depending on what it fires.  Keep in mind this system does not have a hand.  Ammo is stored in a specially armored section of the upper arms. (armor 25 on that arm).  Multiple weapon systems may be purchased for the same arm, but each costs a Trick.
Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage
Machine Gun Auto .45 50 1 3 5 5d6+5

Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage
Plasma Cannon Single Energy 20 3 1 5 6d6+10

Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage
Flame Thrower Single Fuel 20 2 2 5 5d6+5

(note: The flamethrower will set alight anything flamable)
Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage
Missile Launcher Single Missiles 3 4 3 10 8d6+5

Air Supply:  The Cyborg does can hold his breath for up to 6 hours.  Implants in the chest automatically put in necessary oxygen into the blood.


Homing Device:  There is  a homing device inside the cyborg.  It emits a special signal (usually radio, but Guide’s discretion) that can be traced within a few miles of tracking equipment.  (note that if it was put in by the US government or military that means anywhere in the continental United States)

Insufficient Insulation:  The insulation put around the electronics is very weak.  The cyborg takes double damage from electrical attacks.

Loss of Touch: The sensors built in to simulate touch have almost completely failed.  He can only tell basic things (solid, not solid..that’s about it).  Pain does not come through.  This means the Cyborg must make a Challenging (10) Smarts roll anytime he’s attacked in an un-obvious way. 

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