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Power Packages  (Page 3)

The number of types of Deltas is nearly infinate, which is what makes BNW system so interesting.  Here are a few more power packages to spice up your game.

The Inherited
The Cyclone

The Inherited

Giving honor to your ancestors is a custom of many cultures.  But what if your ancestors could give something back?
Inherited Deltas can call on the skills and experiences of past lives.  Some claim itís actually their spirit from other times, while others say itís spirits coming forth to help the living.
Whatever the case, they have considerable talents for any occasion.

Past Lives:  The delta can call upon her ancestors for skills and advice.  By making an easy(5) spirit roll the Delta can go into a trance to communicate with their spirits.  The trance takes a few minutes, as the inherited has to summon the spirit and than gain the knowledge.  The spirits communicate in whispers and visions, or can guide the actions of the Delta after the trance ends (in order to gain skills)

The delta can contact three past lives.  These are created during Character creation, each past life must be of at least 20 years ago and cannot overlap.  They can be of any region or historical time.  They have to be normal humans however, no deltas.
The past lives should have the persons lifespan, name, occupation and three or four skills that they had in life.  (these donít have to be fully created character stats, although the player may do that if she wants)
Each lifetime must be okayed by the Guide.

By calling on a spirit, the Inherited can access one of the following things:

Advice:  The spirit will talk with her, offering what strategies or suggestions that he can.
Vision:  The spirit can show her a sight that the spirit had seen, such as where he buried the treasure.
Skills:  The spirit can partially take over the Inherited, allowing her to gain two levels any skill the ghost has for the duration of that turn.  The possession is tiring however, and the spirit can only do it once a day.

Possession:  if the Inherited Botches the spirit roll than the spirit fully possesses her.  The possession lasts for 1d6 rounds, in which that past life can do whatever he pleases.  (which may benefit the player, or may not.  Whatever happens it is the Guide who controls the possessed character)

The Will of Many:  The spirits are strong with this one.  Anytime she makes a Spirit roll that involves fighting off possession, telepathy or fear than she gains a +3 on the roll.  (this includes Bravery rolls)

Future Self:  The Inherited has the special ability to try to contact a life in the future.  This is very difficult, and requires a full hour of trance time and a Difficult (15) spirit roll.  The future self is not defined like past lives, instead itís just a hazy person somewhere from 10 to 20 years in the future.  Whether successful or not this trance may only be attempted once a day.
The Inherited can ask for skills, just as before, or ask for advice.  Advice about the future is hazy, and usually comes back muffled or in strange warnings.


 There are deltas that arenít as flashy as a Blaster or as obvious as a Goliath.  They control the wind, creating everything from a cooling breeze to small tornados.
The powers arenít the easiest to control, but the results can be quite impressive.

Wind Control:  The cyclone can control the air anywhere within her line of sight or within 10í around her.  The delta can increase or decrease the wind up to 10mph simply by concentrating on it.    Note that this affects all the air in the area.
With a Challenging (10) Spirit roll the Delta can cause larger wind changes, around 20 or 30 mph gusts or sudden stalls.
If the Delta suddenly stops a strong wind, anyone traveling through this wind may find themselves unbalanced.  They must make a Challenging (10) Speed roll to avoid falling.    If anyone is flying they must make a Challenging (10) Flying roll instead.

Gust immunity: If the Delta wishes it, strong winds slide around her, instead of pushing against her.  This means they are immune to strong wind gusts (very useful for acrobatics as well).  A small amount of air still touches the delta, as she still needs to breathe.  Gasses still affect her, and the immunity does not redirect anything actually flying through the air, such as bullets, arrows or debris.

Gliding the Drifts:  Getting blown around like a leaf isnít the most fun in the world, but some Cyclones have managed the gift.  By blowing a lot of air underneath them they can fly at Pace 20.  They must make an Easy (5) Flying roll every round. Also, to get the necessary wind speeds the Delta has to have a large amount of air to work with, generally that can only be done outside.

Tornado:  When Cyclones get mad, they get very mad.  They can increase the winds around them up to Tornado force, creating a twister around them.  The twister always forms with the delta in the middle of it, unaffected and unharmed.
Everyone and anything within thirty feet around her, however, are in trouble.  All characters must make Strength checks to remain on their feet.  The first round itís Easy (5), the second round Challenging (10), and rounds after that are Amazing (20) difficulty.  Flying checks are made at one level higher than the strength check.  Keep in mind that Gust Immunity does not work against a Tornado trick.
Anyone who fails their strength check, and is not tied down, gets picked up and thrown 1d6x10 feet and take appropriate falling damage. (1d6+3 massive damage for every 12 feet)
Any materials in the area not nailed down go flying, and buildings and vehicles in the area start taking damage at the third round.  Itís up to the guide to decide exactly what happens, but at this stage roofs start getting ripped up and signs start flying.
The tornado can be kept going for one round per die of Strength that the Delta has.

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