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The Magician's Marketplace

The Bargainers handbook was very useful, but it was a bit sparse in totems.  In this section you can find more items for your use.  Details about the pacts used in the creation of these items are left to the Guide’s discretion.
New spells are also listed below.




Burning Ears


Ritual of the Past
Ritual of Healing

Angelic Totems:

Amulet of Legends

Mapper Totem

This totem is a useful little gizmo, commonly created in a PDA or hand-held computer.  It requires a clear surface or computer screen to function.
At the Bargainer’s request (verbal or keyboard) the Mapper can pull up a map of the city he is in.  It can be street, zones, power, sewers, just about anything that has been published somewhere.  (it can’t create maps like “all people named Bill in New York”…).
The bargainer can also use this device to call up building plans, including security designs (not passwords, just locations of cameras, sensors and things of that nature)  The delta must point the Mapper totem at the building in question and be within thirty feet of it.  The plans take two to three minutes per floor to be completed.

Building plans can be saved and pulled back up later, with Mappers able to hold several hundred maps in their memories.

The mapper cannot produce plans of a building that sits in a Nullification field or is shielded against magic.  ( New Alcatraz or White House maps)

Fear Totem

This totem gives the bargainer a more direct way to influence her enemies, rather then the implied threats of  wind gusts or voices.  If brandished the Bargainer can cause a wave of fear to fly forward (it looks like a heat wave distortion, except it feels cold to the touch).
The wave has a range of  sixty feet, but cannot go through things.  (walls, cars, force fields…).
Anyone caught by it must make a Difficult (15) Bravery roll.  If any of the poor victims rolls disasterously then they must make an Easy (5) Bravery roll EVERY time they are near that Bargainer for one month per 1 they rolled.
The Fear wave does not affect emotionless beings (robots, Deaders) nor does it affect Angels or Demons.  Alphas can be affected however.

The Bargainer can also use this totem to cause a smaller fear wave, one that unnerves a person.  She gets a bonus of +5 to Persuasion: Intimidation and Persuasion: Interrogation rolls.  Again, this wave will not affect Angels, Demons or Alphas.


Area of Effect: One item
Duration: 2 minutes

When this spell is cast on an item then it cannot be found by non-magical searches.  Even if it's sitting in plain sight, the searcher simply looks around it.  This causes the Search skill to automatically fail as far as that item is concerned.
Besides foiling searches this spell can also be used to trap or hinder other actions  (casting Overlook on a doorknob or a computer keyboard tends to be rather effective).  Also note that physical searches, tracking by scent and any other non-visual search still fail against this spell.  They will lead to the the place where the item "should" be...but as near as they can tell there's nothing there.
Overlook cannot be cast on anything larger two cubic feet.  (2' x 2' x 2')

This spell is too weak to affect search spells or totems specifically looking for the item.  The Watcher delta is also unaffected by this spell.

The item must be within twenty feet of the Bargainer when the spell is cast.

Burning Ears

Area of Effect: Self
Duration: Ten minutes

When this spell is cast the bargainer's ears begin to burn whenever she is near someone who has been speaking badly of her.  This includes complaining about her, insulting, libel, slander, or even cruel jokes.  The Bargainer doesn't know what was actually said, just that the person said something damaging to another person.
The words must have been spoken or written to another person (just thinking them won't be picked up) and must have been spoken within the last year.    The ears will burn when the bargainer is within five feet of the other person.
The bargainer can recieve "burnings" from more than one person, and will instintively know who she's feeling.  The more a person has said the stronger the burning feeling.  (at worst it is similar to a bad sunburn, but it won't cause any damage or outward signs).


Rituals are a type of bargain that are unusual in one respect.  The bargain is always the same.  The Bargainer has to go through a fairly lengthy process which involves candles, drawing of symbols and other arcane methods.  The bargain is that after the spell is cast the Bargainer must leave the leftover marks and patterns as they are.  He cannot remove or alter them.
Rituals are used mainly by novices and the uneducated.  The Demons only have to perform a minor spell and in return they get more evidence of themselves on Earth, driving hope down and causing more doubt and fear.

Ritual of The Past

The demon provides a vision of an event that happened within 100 feet of the ritual’s location.  The demon must be told either an approximate date, or a general description of the event.  The vision appears like a window, and allows anybody standing by it to see and hear what happened.   The even must have happened within the last 200 years.

Ritual of Healing

The ritual involves a circle being drawn that is large enough to hold one person.  Anyone in the circle after the ritual is complete can make one healing roll per hour.  The circle only works on that person, and lasts for six hours.

Angelic Totems

Although it is extremely rare, there have been times when Bargainers have been able to make deals with Angels instead of Demons.  The Angel grabs a lower-level angel and forces it into the item the same way the other realm does.
The details of the bargain, however, are different.  While Demons do everything they can to destroy faith, the motivations of Angels are much more mysterious.  They require gifts or actions that don’t necessarily boost faith.  Sometimes they don’t even make sense, until well after the event.  “Make sure Mayor Reeves is at the corner of 5th avenue and Main street on August 9th” is a typical request.

Amulet of Legends

This totem bestows an interesting gift to whomever wears it.  It must be created by a bargainer, but can be used  by whomever holds it.
When worn the Amulet bestows the Quirk “Destined for Greatness”.  Also the person wearing the Amulet begins to have dreams of a quest or mission that must be performed.  The dreams are nebulous, but are always intensely personal for the person.  The quests always seem to bring about a change for the better in the area, but not necessarily for the person performing the task.

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