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Experience.  It’s the one thing that keeps you one step ahead of all the newbies who want to take you down.  As you gain more of it your abilities not only get stronger, but you figure out new ways to awe the youngsters and keep your butt out of a sling in a fight against the not-so-green.

This is a section on additional tricks for your characters.  As always feel free to use or ignore them in your own campaign.

General Tricks:

Out of my way!  On an extra success during a HTH attack the delta can knock his opponent 2” to either side.  If the delta gets two extra successes then delta can continue moving forward without any penalties.  (aside from having used up one action)  Guides may dis-allow this trick in some situations (a speedster just is not going to be able to knock an angry Goliath out of his path..sorry…)

Package Specific:


Suit Up:  Nothing is worse then being caught by the bad guys while your power armor is still in the closet.   Normally it takes several rounds, if not turns to fully suit up.  But the more experience you get the faster you can hurriedly get those guns blazing.  The Character must make a Challenging (10) speed roll..for every success he gets he can put on one location of armor  (head, torso, R/L arms, R/L legs) during that action.  The gadgeteer cannot be encumbered in any way to do this trick.


Quiet Please:  The sneak can be very sneaky sometimes.  When activating this trick no sound comes from the sneak or his clothing.  This ability is skill however, not power based.  So if he accidentally knocks over the alarm clock collection then the sound still comes out.


Staple shot:  With an extra success the Archer can fire an arrow through a person and into an item directly behind him.  This is usually used to pin clothing to the wall.  To break free the person needs to make a Challenging  (10) Strength roll.  If the Archer staples the clothing with additional arrows then the victim must make an additional success for each arrow.  Note these successes are not cumulutive.
To staple someone's body (like a hand) is a nastier variant, but can be done.  It required two additional successes, plus the arrow must penetrate any armor on the person.  This can only be done on stretched out limbs, such as arms and legs.  No head shots.  If successful the person takes the damage as normal, plus the limb is pinned until the person makes a Difficult (15) skill roll.


Confuse Thoughts:  The Genius can think in a very difficult way, making any telepathic attempts against him much harder.  The Genius is simply thinking in a variety of ways, through images, other languages, abstractly...anything to confuse an uninvited guest in his head.  This causes any telepathic contact or mindreading attempt (including Force Link and Detect Lie) to be considerably more difficult.
The Genius makes a Challenging (10) Smarts roll, and for every success he gets the telepath has an extra difficulty level added to the roll.  The Genius can still perform other actions so long as he makes one success in the Confuse Thoughts roll.  If he fails he can still take the action but the telepath suffers no penalties.
A botch on the roll means the Telepath can roll as normal and the Genius cannot take any other actions for the rest of the round.  He's managed to completely confuse himself.


Control Lycanthrope:  When a were-beast is in full animal mode, their thoughts are very close to nature.  Unfortunately this puts them within the realm of the Beastmaster.  The Animal Empathy roll is a Difficult (15) roll, and can only be used when the werebeast is in full animal form.  The lycanthrope can make the same roll, difficult (15) Spirit, in an attempt to resist.  Whoever gets the most successes has control for the next round.
The Beastmaster must roll for every round to control the lycanthrope.  Also control is immediately lost if the werebeasts shifts to a different form.

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