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The World that is not alone

The Sh’Kari are an alien race who have conquered several worlds.  Their technology is unmatched and they are known as fierce warriors.  They have also just landed on Earth.  Several Sh’Kari recon teams have landed and are either scouting around or preparing facilities for the invasion.  They’re trying to stay away from any undue attention for now, at least until they can get some of their army here.

Delta Sh’Kari do not exist, and they have no idea of what they’re about to face when the various factions find out about them.  The scattered reports they’ve seen of Deltas have been mis-identified as variations of high technology.  Because of this they’ve actually assumed the general tech knowledge of Humans as higher then it actually is.

The aliens on earth are mostly Soldiers and Scouts.  A few Champions have been sent down to various points to directly lead.  A few Elders are also leading from a cloaked ship stationed near the moon.

Their plan is first to set up several hidden base camps.  They’ll be able to do a full recon and mapping of the major countries as well as suitable power groups that they may face.  Also power stations have to be set up to create dimensional warp gates that will allow foot soldiers to come directly to Earth.  After that  a larger warp gate will be created in orbit, allowing the fleet to come in.  At that point all resistance will be crushed and the Sh’Kari will have a new slave world in their empire.

That’s how it’s supposed to work anyways.  They have no idea of the type of resistance they’ll face.  Not only are all of the nations heavily militarized due to the Cold War, but the huge number of Deltas will take the Sh’Kari by surprise.  Not only that, but they’ll also face attacks from Bargainers and Covenant forces, something they’ve never encountered before.  Also Geniuses, Hackers and Gadgeteers will strike at them with new  technology that is almost their equal.
It would be a massive war.

In appearance Sh’Kari are humanoid, with green skin and long straight hair.  They have pointed teeth, and their mouth is elongated out a bit, similar to a muzzle.
They grow to about 5’6” in average height.  They have human level strength and stamina, but Humans are, on average, smarter.  Sh’Kari are natural warriors and extremely brave and cunning.

Sh’Kari troop Types:

Scouts:  These are the covert troops of the Sh’Kari empire.  Their focus is to go out into unexplored land, map it, identify all enemies and get back with minimal attention.  They carry stealth and sensor equipment.

Warriors:  This is the bulk of the Sh’Kari race.  They are big, strong and incredibly aggressive.  These are the class that do all the fighting, driving and other physical tasks.

Sci-healers:  Theses are scientists and doctors.  They are generally only found on bases, doing research in labs or medical work in hospitals.

Champions:  This is the closest Sh’Kari come to having Deltas.  They are the lieutenants and generals of the Sh’Kari armies.  Each is modified in some way, either Biologically, Genetically or Cybernetically.  Note: the Genetic ones are born as champions, while the other types were normal Sh’Kari until their promotion and subsequent operations.
Champions have major abilities.  The Genetic Champions don’t even necessarily look like Sh’Kari anymore.  They can have exo-skeletons, claws, tails…they always have improved
Champion Cyborgs have armor over their entire bodies, and usually have two or three weapon systems built into them.
Each Champion is unique.

Elders:  Sh’Kari with huge brains.  Elders are a genetically-created leader race.  Each has high intelligence and a range of psychic abilities.  These include telepathy, language translation and telekinesis.  Unfortunately their physical abilities are limited, having only half the strength and resilience of the Warriors.

Sh’Kari Technology

While Sh’Kari tech is very advanced it can be figured out.  Genius’s and Gadgeteers can operate it with minimal guess work, and with some study Gadgeteers can copy their designs and even improve some elements of it.
The biggest threat to the Sh’Kari are the Hackers.  They will be able to figure out the Sh’Kari computer code and encryptions, and once they start infiltrating the enemy computer network the Sh’Kari are in for a very rough time.

Warp Gates:  These are the key for Sh’Kari space travel.  They are holes in space that can transport anything great distances.  Fortunately for earth there are only two types that can be created, Tiny and Massive.  (the Sh’Kari desperately want an any-size portal, but they simply can’t get the mathematics to work).  The Tiny gates three feet in diameter, enough for a person to slip through and equipment, but little else.  These take enough power to light New York for six years to open, and the equivalent of that city to keep open.
Massive gates have to be built in space.  They are huge, measuring two miles in diameter.  The power requirements are astronomical, requiring massive solar panels as well as multiple fusion reactors.  These are used for transport of capital ships, carriers and transports.
The Sh’Kari fleet is not very large, and they have only encountered light space battles.

Plasma Rifles/Pistols:  Your basic weapon of the Sh’Kari troops.  They are loaded with energy clips and operate on the same basic principles as Earth weapons.  (it helps that Sh’Kari have a five fingered hand)
Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range increment  Damage 
Plasma Rifle Auto Energy 10 2 2 10 6d6+5

Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots  Quickness Rate of Fire Range increment Damage
Plasma Pistol Auto Energy 10 1 2 5 3d6+5

Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range increment  Damage
Heavy Plasma Rifle Auto Energy 6 3 2 10 8d6+10

Armor vests:  The Sh’Kari have a very light, yet incredibly strong, form of armor.  It looks like a black plastic, but has Armor 30/20.  It is usually included in body, arms and leg protection.  It can also be used for helmets.

The Sh’Kari have every weapon you can imagine, ranging from grenades to tasers.  They do not use chemical or biological weapons at all, and refrain from Nuclear as those tend to cause more problems then they’re worth.

Adventure Ideas:

Obviously, the discovery of evil aliens attempting to take over the world has lots of adventure ideas.  Usually in the beginning it will be discovery and combat of Warriors and Scouts at small base camps scattered around the globe.
Attacking their main camps, or stomping on a lot of the Warriors will earn visits from Champions.  As each Champion is unique this could lead to an interesting campaign enemy.
The big goal is to destroy the orbiting Warship up above.  It’s on the far side of the moon, constructing a massive Warp Gate.  Once it is finished then the invasion will commence.  (current plans have the gate being finished in 2012).

Things to come:

Unless the PCs succeed this is basically the way things will go…(note that this is not assuming an Alpha return…)

Sh’Kari empire discovers Earth and Humans.  Decisions are made to conquer and enslave this planet.

First Sh’Kari arrive on the moon and begin to build a small base there.  Probes are sent to Earth.   Humans begin to discuss “UFOs” but nothing is discovered.

Present Day:
The Warship “Erikosh” arrives on the far side of the moon.  Multiple base camps are placed on Earth for full recon before the invasion begins.  A few are captured and the Governments of the USA and USSR discover the aliens.  Alien threat is greatly under-estimated and discoveries are kept secret.

Further discoveries are made of alien base camps.  US informs NATO allies of the threat.  Special Delta Squadron units are formed to fight the alien menace.
Alien base discovered in Mt. St. Helens, a massive fire-fight erupts between US troops and Sh’Kari forces.  Three Sh’Kari Champions are identified.
The Sh’Kari are defeated with massive US losses.  It is the largest amount of casualties on American soil since the Independence Day Battle.

Sh’Kari open several more camps around the world, building it’s army.  Defiance begins to actively pursue Sh’Kari bases, battles erupt all over the world.  Losses are high on both sides, Defiance begins working with select Delta Prime units against the aliens.

Sh’Kari attacks against Los Alamos research base and Area 51 Air Force Research Base leaves both areas completely destroyed.  US research on Sh’Kari is set back three years.  Rumors abound on the Internet about Aliens and UFOs.  Governments continue their secrecy as best as they are able.
Sh’Kari attack and destroy isolated (ie, governmental and military) research facilities around the world with similar success.

Sh’Kari finish the Antarctica Base.  Mini-portals and bases are now located on every continent.  Sh’Kari unable to find out scientifically the cause of Delta awakenings. Sh’Kari troops now number in the millions around the world.

March 15, 2006:  The Day of Revelation.
A major Sh’Kari battlegroup is discovered just outside of  Tokyo Bay.  Japanese Military engages the forces just outside the city.  Television and ‘Net crew film the entire battle and it is broadcast across the globe.
Public panic ensues in some parts of the world, but is not nearly as bad as leaders had feared.

April, 2006:  The Month of Destruction
Sh’Kari battlegroups, with Champions and armor, attack major cities around the world.  Research and academic areas are targeted first, then military and finally commercial targets. Boston, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles all suffer heavy damage and are physically occupied by the Aliens.  Several island nations are conquered.  All human Antarctica facilities are destroyed.
New York, London and Hong Kong suffer massive damage but successfully fight off Sh’Kari troops.

The Earth militarizes against the Sh’Kari.  The Erikosh moves into Earth orbit and begins destroying select satellites (ie, military and commercial).  The US Space Shuttle Atlantis, in orbit, is destroyed.

Sh’Kari leaders are horrified by the number of casualties they have taken in the battles.  Reports of dead humans rising up with Champion level powers come streaming from across the globe.  Estimates place it up to 8% of humans are awakening at the point of death.  (actual amounts are closer to 3%)

Sh’Kari bombings of Crescent City and Tokyo with Shrapnel bombs create massive death, as well as hundreds of new Deltas.  Sh’Kari discontinue orbital bombardment until a method of preventing Awakening is developed.

Late 2006:
Sh’Kari attacks become more frequent along the North American West Coast.  San Diego and Seattle are taken.  Sh’Kari begin enslavement of large amounts of humans in occupied territories.
Massive territory gains are accomplished by Sh’Kari in every area of the world.    Human governments begin secretly estimating complete Sh’Kari victory by 2010.

The United States opens the Fortress and New Alcatraz to any inmate that agrees to serve in Delta Squadron.  The most powerful unit ever assembled attacks the Sh’Kari Antarctic Main Base with devastating firepower.
The base is destroyed with losses high on both sides.  Sh’Kari are given a severe setback, however, the human battle-group is attacked from the Erikosh in orbit above them.  US takes 80% losses.  Surviving Alphas remain in Delta Squadron, however.

Other battles continue to go in Sh’Kari favor.  Most of Latin America falls, along with South Africa, Philippines and Italy.
EuroForce is slain while destroying a Sh’Kari warp gate complex discovered outside of Berlin.  The destruction of the gate severely hampers Sh’Kari European plans.

Hackers successfully break into Sh’Kari computer network.  Sh’Kari codes are broken allowing the Human Alliance to hear all their plans.  Sh’Kari suffer defeats in their next three offensives.
The Warpgate project on the moon is discovered.  Humans begin construction of space capable rockets deep inside of Free China to launch an attack against it.

August 18th, 2008:  The Battle of the Vatican
Sh’Kari attacks against Vatican City succeed, almost conquering the city-state.  In their desperation the Covenant pulls off the largest magic ritual ever done.  A host of Angels comes from the skies and devastates the Sh’Kari forces.  The Sh’Kari are again forced to accept horrific losses.  Vatican City is declared off limits in military planning until their interdimensional help can be nullified.

Fighting on the defensive Sh’Kari begin using more and more Champions, pulled from other parts of the empire.  All available resources are put on the Warpgate project, to allow full size transports in, along with fighters and much-needed Armor.

October 17th, 2009:  The Battle of the Yellow River.
Sh’Kari forces attack the launch pad of the Human Alliance’s space efforts.  The largest battle in the Earth/Sh’Kari war to date, as Sh’Kari go up against hardened defenses.  Humans field Gadgeteer developed super-Tanks.
Despite heavy losses the Sh’Kari do enough damage to the launch site and shuttle fleet to cripple any Human orbital launches for the next year.
Human Awakenings are now estimated at 15% of all war dead.  Sh’Kari casualties are severely affecting morale and battle plans.  European operations are suspended to concentrate on North America, especially the US.

The Warpgate is completed.  Three Warships plus a manufacturing ship come through into Earth orbit.  Armor and fresh troops begin shuttling down to Earth bases.  Aerospace fighter attacks against Human cities become a regular occurrence.  European operations are resumed.
Human Awakening is now estimated at 45% of all war dead.  Sh’Kari troops are rumored to be incinerating  human bodies in an attempt to prevent this.  Gadget Aircraft shoot down Sh’Kari Aircraft  in one-third of all battles.  Human Aces begin getting machines that make them unbeatable in the air.

A US hacker breaks through the Warpgate control program just before the Erikosh begins a jump back to home.  The hacker tells all fusion reactors in the gate to overload.
The Warpgate is destroyed, along with the Erikosh and all of it’s research and information about Earth.   A massive morale builder, the Human Alliance begins a counter-offensive in Asia, forcing the Sh’Kari out of Hong Kong, Korea and the Chinese coast.

The United States of America is now a battered section in the middle of  N. America.  Both coasts have been taken over by Sh’Kari.   Omaha is now the functioning capital, due to massive bombardment of Crescent City.  Both Canada and Mexico are under Sh’Kari control.

2011:  The Washington Invasion.
Although badly wounded by the loss of the Warpgate, Sh’Kari buildup continues.  A second Warpgate begins construction.
The humans prepare for a massive assault to free N. America and re-acquire the American resources.

A massive invasion, led by Alphas, Deltas and Gadget vehicles attacks the Eastern seaboard, concentrating on Washington DC and Maryland.  Defiance and Bargainer uprisings attack Sh’Kari supply trains and facilities all across America.
In response, Sh’Kari forces counter attack without mercy.  Their own vehicles and Champions outnumber the Attackers 3-2.

The battles rage across the coast for three days before eventually the Sh’Kari fall back.  Many tracts of land are rendered no-man’s land due to the destruction.

Continued uprisings and offensives force the Sh’Kari to retreat to the Moon.  Plans to conquer the Earth are scrapped, while all efforts are redirected to finishing the second Warpgate.

February 8th, 2012:  Battle of the Lunar Sea
Humans launch an attack against Sh’Kari space forces in Gadgeteer vehicles.  Humans are defeated, but the attack further scares the Sh’Kari.

July 8th, 2013:  Human Victory.

After several attacks against the moon, the Sh’Kari retreat to Mars, bringing the partially finished WarpGate with them.  Their warriors are completely broken and sign a peace accord promising to leave Human space within the next five years.
This is the first peace treaty the Sh’Kari have had to sign in three centuries.


Ideas for the Sh’Kari comes from a few different places.
Mostly the three races of Marvel comics, Shiar, Kree and Skrulls  (which the Sh’Kari is a variation of all three).
Also The World War sereis by Turtledove had quite a bit to do with this as well.
The Superman/Superboy Elseworlds annuals also had an issue dealing with alien conquest.

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