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A Dark and Stormy Night

A Dark and Stormy Night

A nice one-sitting Halloween adventure.  It’s designed to be light and silly in the “Scream”  or House on Haunted Hill type of vein.  Have fun and Enjoy!


A few years ago a new criminal group began operating deep in the south, near what’s left of Atlanta.  Mostly extortion and kidnapping, the group began to take over territory of the Mafia’s and also began to attract federal attention.
The criminals were working around one Delta: a Fearmonger.  As long as someone was afraid around him he gained the ability to fire a devastating form of plasma.  His gang members were all selected to be the type that would elicit that fear from their victims.  (individual members are described below).
Eventually they got a bit too powerful, and a Delta Prime squad was sent after them.  The squad lost…and the gang members tortured and killed all of them.  They made one mistake however.  One of the Primers was a telepath, able to send psychic waves out against her her foes.  When the Fearmongers (as the gang called themselves) killed her she sent out one last horrified psychic wave.  The wave fried the brains of the Fearmongers, destroying their original minds and leaving only bits and pieces.  In essence, they were reduced down to what they looked like:  Monsters.
They’ve taken over a plantation, and are licking their wounds and fighting each other.  Dr. Dread has taken the bodies of the other Primers (two Gunners, a Blaster and a Hound) to the garage for his experiments.

Meanwhile the pcs happen to be passing  nearby when their vehicle breaks down.
It is a dark and stormy night outside…and the players have just stumbled across a den of demons.


The gang is currently occupying an old Plantation house, with an accompanying Gazebo in the backyard and a large garage nearby.  It is very ornate and fancy, but has fallen in dis-repair.  Windows are broken, paint is peeling.
The road passes by about sixty feet away from the front of the house.  A cobblestone driveway leads to the garage and there is a pathway up to the front of the house as well.  The house sits in a small clearing surrounded by murky forest.
The house is three stories tall, with a small widow’s walk around the second floor.  It also contains a storm cellar, with the door to that obvious on the side.
The grounds show the obvious remains of a battle.  Also lights and strange sounds can be seen and heard from the garage.  Almost like someone working on a car.  Through the windows an observant PC will notice a large shadow moving around in the main house.  (Creature pacing in the main greeting room)  Seeing the shadow will cause an Easy (5) Bravery roll.  (see below on bravery rolls)
Also the storm is going strong right now.  It’s raining heavily and the thunder and lightning are non-stop.

Special game notes:

This entire adventure is designed to elicit fear from the players and characters.  As the scenes unfold the players will have to make Bravery rolls several times.  Every time they fail, Master Darkness gains one “level” of plasma.  (he gains it as long as they are within three hundred feet of him..which is just about everyplace near the plantation house)

Also, all telecommunications are out thanks to some side effects of Dread’s machinery.  The PCs won’t be able to call for help.

With the storm raging as bad as it is, all flying  attempts require Difficult (15) skill rolls to stay airborne.    Also anyone flying has a 5% chance every round of getting hit by lightning, 25% if they’re in a power suit or other metal.   The lightning does 6d6 damage and easily knocks them from the sky.  (if you don’t have percentile dice ~for shame!~ then have it be 1 in 6 or 3 in 6 on a six sider…)

The Fearmongers:

Drawing by Cameron Twine

Master Darkness (the actual fearmonger)
Werewolf  (Beast from Steve Crow’s page)
The Creature (Goliath, covered in scars..looks vaguely like Frankenstein’s monster)
Slasher  (Phaser, dressed in a Scream type of mask, wielding a knife)
Dr. Dread  (Gadgeteer)
Vamp  (Vampire)

Master Darkness:

Smarts: 2d6
Speed: 3d6
Spirit: 3d6
Strength: 2d6
Size: 5

Fear blast:  Any time someone fails a bravery check within three hundred feet of him he gains a level of that psychic fear.  He can let lose one level in a blast that looks like green fire.  It is actually psychic energy, and can damage deltas immune to heat or fire. (such as Hot Shots or Thermals)
Weapon type Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage Cost
Fear Blast Energy levels Unlimited 4 1 5 5d6+10 -

Immune to Fear:  Master Darkness cannot fail bravery checks and literally does not know how to fear.

First Move
SuperBlast:  Darkness can use two levels to fire an even larger blast that does 8d6+10

Crazy (5)

Who he used to be:
Darkness was the leader of the group, and was the one who brought them all together.  He used to be very charming, attractive and a master at manipulating people.  His goals of money and power were almost completely fulfilled.

Who he is now:
Darkness now thinks that he is the Devil incarnate.  His minions fill the house below and anyone who comes near is to be killed and destroyed.  Unfortunately that’s as far as his thoughts can go.  He has no concept of the future or the past.  He knows that he is to make deals with people, but can’t remember longer then a few days at a time.


Smarts: 1d6
Speed: 5d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 4d6 +3
Size: 6

Animal Sense
Armor 3/-
+3 Pace
+3 Stealth
Claws  +2 damage

First Move
Fast Healer
Track Scent

Crazy (5)

Who he was:
Werewolf was never a likable man.  He was a known murderer before his awakening.  And afterwards he became even worse.  He had a huge temper and always held grudges.  He excelled at causing the fear that Darkness needed.
Who he is now:
Now, he is little more then a large animal.  He thinks only of killing and hunting.  He can’t even speak anymore.  He is still very cunning, and can figure out traps.  He also still has an instinctive ability to use machines.  He prefers to use his claws however.
He looks like a seven foot tall man, covered in fur with large wolfen ears and pointed teeth.

The Creature

Smarts: 1d6
Speed: 3d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 5d6 +5
Size: 7

Armor 10/-

Rock Your World


Who he was:  The Creature was once the brains behind some of the more financial of the schemes.  He was a master at setting up blackmail and extortion schemes to their best benefit.  He was also a trained boxer and incredibly powerful in combat.

Who he is:  Now he only knows his role as a variation of Frankenstein’s Monster.  His skin is covered in scars and lesions (actually make-up..but he thinks they’re real).  He acts like a small child, lashing out at everything.  He has already been attacked by two of his former team-mates.  Now he is paranoid as well as having the mind of a child.  He will attack any movement he sees.


Smarts: 1d6
Speed: 4d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 3d6
Size: 5


Phase Friend
Phase Foe
First Move

Crazy (5)

Who she was:
Slasher was a pretty young girl who had seen a few too many horror films.  She especially enjoyed the Stab movie and it’s sequel.  So when she awakened she began to imitate the murderer in those films.  She was the youngest member of the gang and was often used to bait people into the ambush points.  She uses a large knife and truly enjoyed phasing up, slashing and then phasing away.
Who she is now:
Slasher is now a pure homicidal killer.  All she can think about is slicing and killing.  She’s attacked Creature already, but he survived.  She can’t think beyond just killing as many as people as she can.

Dr. Dread

Smarts: 2d6
Speed: 2d6
Spirit: 2d6
Strength: 1d6
Size: 5


On a roll
Smack It
Fine Tuning

Crazy (5)

Who he was:
Dread was a cruel and evil man.  He maintained Deaders to help cause fear in his victims and enjoyed the power that the gang was giving him.  He was a bit of a megalomaniac, and truly thought that they would soon control all of the land around what used to be Atlanta.
He played the role of the Mad Scientist, and wore the lab coat, head piece and other items you’d see in bad movies.
Who he is now:
Dread thinks he is the Mad Scientist now.  He’s spending all of his time creating Deaders.  He’s taken over the garage to be his lab, and now only thinks about “creating new life”.  (ie Deaders)
The bodies of three Primers have been converted to Deaders already, and those are currently patrolling the forest near the garage)  He’s working on the fourth body now.


(Vamp has the same stats as the Vampire template in the main rulebook)

Who She was and still is:
Vamp joined up for the pleasure of the fight and the wealth and acceptance she was gaining from the gang.  Also, being undead she was immune to the permanent side effects of the Primers fear wave.
Vamp always played herself in the fear-creating.
She’s tall and has long black hair.  Unfortunately she was also the first person that the Creature saw after his brain was fried.  He broke both of her legs by the time he stopped pummeling her.  Now she just sits and prays that somehow she’ll be able to get out of this.
If the Creature leaves she’s planning on changing to bat form and flying as far away as she possibly can.  (since her arms are unhurt she would still be able to fly..landing might be tough..but she can get airborne)


The order of the scenes depends on where the pcs do:

Stay on the Road
Go to the Barn
Go into the House

Stay on The Road:

The PC’s could be chicken and try to stay around the road.   Unfortunately that is were Werewolf is hunting.  He’ll strike from surprise two rounds after the pcs have stopped there.  He’ll run by, swipe at the biggest PC and then dodge back into the woods.  He’ll try to whittle the group down to two members before he’ll stand and fight.  The first time he strikes out of the woods it causes a Challenging (10) bravery roll from everyone.
Three turns after the pcs stop then the Deaders arrive.  Three of them, wearing the tattered Delta Prime uniforms they had in life. They’re pretty brain-dead, and they come up waiving their arms like Night of the Living Dead.  The first time they show up it’s a Challenging (10) bravery roll as well.

Once all the bad guys are down then the PCs will see a fourth Deader come shambling out  of the barn after them.  This should get them to investigate after dropping the last delta prime body.

Go to the Barn:

The barn is pretty badly torn up with plasma and bullet holes.  Any PC  looking inside (Guides…make one of the players volunteer  for this.  Make it very creepy with the strange sounds and the lightning and thunder..)
Inside Dr. Dread is working on a body.  (it’s either the last Delta Primer, or if he’s already animated then it’s the poor farmer who lived here)  He’s dissecting it to make room for the deader implants.
The PC who peaked has to make an Amazing (20) bravery roll after seeing his looks of madness.  He’s still in his mad scientist get-up..only covered in gore and laughing crazily to himself.

If the PCs burst in he’ll pull a strange looking gun from his belt and attempt to fire.  It’s a sonic blaster and if he successfully fires it then any surviving Deaders will immediately come to his aid.  Also Werewolf might come as well.
Weapon type Ammo Shots Quickness Rate of Fire Range Increment Damage Cost
Sonic Blaster Energy clip 5 1 1 5 3d6 -
Dread should be easy pickings for the team.  He’s too loony to be able to plan anything fierce against them.

Go to the House:

The house used to be very pretty.  White washed wooden walls with beautiful picture windows.  Unfortunately the fight completely destroyed all of that.  The windows are all broken, and most of the inside walls have been trashed.
In the main room there is the body of the psychic Primer lying in the middle of the floor, her face still frozen in fear.  Nearby is the battered body of  Vamp, who is pretending to be dead.
Pacing back and forth is Creature.  He will immediately attack and destroy any movement he sees.  (so far four mice have felt his wrath).  He is constantly weeping and muttering angry things to himself.
Seeing this scene for the first time is a Challenging (10) Bravery roll.

Also the commotion caused by the battle will call Slasher, who is hiding in the basement.  She’ll come running up the stairs and then phase through the wall to slash at anyone she sees.
Keep in mind that this is a Difficult (15) bravery roll to see someone in the “Stab” movie costume come charging through the wall with a very real knife in her hand.
Slasher and Creature will concentrate on whoever is closest to them.  Eventually they will fight each other again as well.  Slasher will retreat if wounded in any way.  She will phase through the floor, obviously trying to hide in the basement.
If Creature is defeated then Vamp will instantly turn to bat mode and try to fly out of there.  ~giving a good scare at the end of the fight~  However, the wounds she has don’t help her and she falls just outside on the lawn, in woman form again.  If the PCs come near, she’ll beg for help.  At this point she is desperate to get out of there.

There is also a kitchen on this floor, plus stairs up and stairs down.

The Basement is full of cobwebs and dust.  Boxes full of old National Geographics, Christmas Lights and various other odds and ends are scattered about.  The stairs are wooden, with no backs to them.
Slasher hides under the stairs..and will attempt to hamstring anyone walking down these stairs.  (We’re talking an Amazing Bravery roll (20) after having someone grab your foot and attempt to slash it while walking down the stairs into a dark basement)

Slasher will fight to the death down here.  Hacking away as long as she can.

The Second floor is completely deserted.  Just a library, two bedrooms and a deck.  The ladder to the attic is up however.

The Attic:

Master Darkness is sitting up here in a scorched looking easy chair.    The walls are all burned black.  Behind him the tatters of the window swing a bit in the breeze.

If the PCs let him, he’ll greet them warmly and point to a book he has nearby.  He comments about how they have defeated his demons..and how annoying it will be to summon more of them.
But he is gracious..and offers to let them live if they’ll sign his book.  In blood of course…

The book is actually nothing.  In his crazed delusion Darkness think’s he’s buying their souls.  If the pcs attack or in any way insult him then he’ll attack.  He will have one level of power for every time a PC has failed his or her Bravery roll during the previous encounters.
If they didn’t fail any then assume he still has three levels left from the Primer fight.


Once Darkness is defeated, and his gang is sent to their final rewards then have the storm break.  The moon and the stars come out, and all seems right in the world.
If Vamp survives, she’ll offer to show them where the money stash is if they’ll help her.  She has had enough of this fight.  All she wants to do is go to a big city and hide from everybody.   Crime, money and power don’t seem all that important anymore.  It’s up to the PCs what to do with her.  If they treat her nicely, she’d be easy to befriend.  She is still, however, a wanted criminal.

Give one experience point for each gang member that is slain and two for Master Darkness.  You should also give one additional point to whoever role-played the best.

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