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You've made it to a page dedicated to Brave New World, a super-hero role-playing game set in a dark fascist America.  (and the rest of the world ain't too pretty either...)

This site is a collection for new power templates, a few movers and shakers around the world, and a few other areas of interest.  Look through the offerings, find and use what you like, discard what you don't like.

The Power Packages, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3,, which is what any good Brave New World site will have..

The Big List of Archetypes, Templates and Power Packages.

Characters and teams that you can use and interact with...

Magician's Marketplace New items for your Bargainer, use them wisely.

Missions, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, adventures for you and your crew. Guides Only!

Veterans Tricks and tips.

Stories of our World, an area for fanfic and articles about your adventures..

Schrodinger's Settings, Page 1, Page 2, There are other worlds like ours, but with slight differences. Take a step through the looking glass of BNW...

Other sites which are really cool and you should check them out..

Although BNW was discontinued, it's creater Matt Forbeck has posted some of the unpublished secrets of the world on his website. Check it out at his website. It does contain spoilers, so don't go if you want to keep the mystery.
Pinnacle Entertainment Group..the makers of Deadlands and the people that created Brave New World
Alderac Entertainment Group, the last publishers of BNW, is at This Site. Alas they no longer support the game.

The The encaffeinated ONE's page , the only underground newspaper that every Defiant should read.. (A good site with lots of independent submissions)

Levitan's Hold , Run by an ex-covenant member, giving powers and tricks.

Caiman City , the new homegrown setting. Worth taking a look at.

The Steve Crow's BNW Page , A nice site with some interesting content. Has a lot of articles from the mailing list, and is currently the most updated.

This website is a side-hobby of mine, but I'm always happy to get feedback.  Mail with any suggestions.

Legal Stuff...

Brave New World, Defiants, Defiance, Bargainers, Patriot, Superior, Truth, the Yankee, Triumph , Inc., Evil Unlimited, delta, alpha, Delta Prime, the AEG logo and all character names and likenesses depicted herein are Trademarks of Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. 2000 Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brave New World created by Matt Forbeck.

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